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Signs That You Need an Air Conditioning Contractor

Whether it’s air conditioning installation or maintenance, qualified air conditioning contractors can handle the job professionally and expeditiously. While a simple AC check-up may be done by homeowners themselves, there are issues that only experts can identify. 

Here are some indicative signs that may require a professional air conditioning service.

Constant Leaks

Leaks are a common issue among air conditioners. Two of the potential causes are blocked air filters and poor installation. If you begin to notice frequent drops near the location of the unit, consider having it inspected to determine the root cause.

Delaying the problem might worsen the issue and may cause you to incur additional costs.

Reduced Airflow

The quality of air that air conditioning units produce is as crucial as the amount of air it releases. A few of the possible causes are incorrect duct sizes (for ducted air conditioners), loose fan belts and dusty air filters.

If you suspect a continual change in the airflow of your air conditioner, it might need a thorough inspection from a local contractor. Early prevention may avoid costly repairs further down the track.

Not Blowing Cold Air

For most air conditioners, refrigerant leaks are a common cause of the decrease in cool air. If you hear strange or hissing sounds while the unit is running, then a leak may be present. You may also need to check the thermostat setting to know if the cooling system only requires a complete reset or adjustment.

Ask about the average temperature of your home and set the thermostat higher to observe the difference. Always call a reliable air conditioning contractor to inspect the unit and resolve any detected issues.

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Different Types of Home Air Conditioning Services

The scope of air conditioning services can either be installation, repairs, cleaning or maintenance. Know how they are beneficial and determine what type of service you may need.


Are you looking to install a reverse cycle air conditioner or a ducted air conditioner? Regardless of what type of cooling system you prefer, each unit varies in factors such as the manner of installation. The size and structure of your property may also influence your choice of air conditioning.

Just as homes have different cooling and heating requirements, it’s imperative to seek professional advice as to what specific type of air conditioner would fit your needs and identify the best location to affix the unit.


Is your window air conditioner acting up or showing signs of leaks? Are your indoor units not cooling right or having problems with airflow?

A professional air conditioning repair specialist can perform intensive inspections and repairs to resolve your concerns. The typical process includes carefully evaluating the air conditioning unit, perform possible repair strategies and make necessary fixes.

In some cases, replacing a component or two is required, which will add to your expenses. Find a contractor that specialises on air conditioning repairs, however small or large.


A regular and proper air conditioning cleaning service can keep system units from potential damages caused by blockages, moisture and many others. Cleaning is imperative to ensure that clean air is released, keeping dust and allergens at bay.

For most air conditioners, a once or twice-per-year cleaning service is advisable to help extend the product life and improve air quality.


Many homeowners tend to overlook the importance of preventative air conditioning maintenance. Taking care of your air conditioner involves inspecting the internal parts to detect potential issues that could worsen if left unaddressed.

Air conditioning maintenance includes replacing air filters, lubricating motors and bearings, and clearing drains. Always check the background of the air conditioning company and read customer reviews online.

Verify licensing or certifications to weigh their expertise and credibility. You may also inquire about their accomplished projects.

Hire a reputable contractor to help maximise your finances and avoid inconvenience caused by faulty installation, substandard repairs, inappropriate cleaning or delayed maintenance.

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Factors That Influence the Cost of Air Conditioning Jobs

Many aspects have to be factored in when determining the cost of home air conditioning service. Here are some of the most common cost determinants:

1. Scope and Type of Service

The cost of air conditioning maintenance may differ from repair or installation service. Buying a new split system as a replacement will cost more as the process may require removing the old unit prior to the actual installation.

With routine maintenance which usually involves cleaning the air filter in the indoor unit or unclogging the condenser in the outdoor unit, the amount to pay is less likely to thrive.

2. Type of Air Conditioning Unit

In terms of product costs, ducted air conditioners may vary from reverse cycle split systems.

Ducted air conditioning systems usually have higher installation fees compared to a window air conditioner or split system.

Also, consider the complexity of the installation service.

For ducted types, ducts and grilles have to be rightly positioned to ceilings or walls to maximise the effect of the cooling system and avoid any problems associated with improper installation.

3. Location

Air conditioning contractors charge differently depending on market demands and your location. The greater the number of AC professionals in an area, the higher the rates they might require. 

Living outside metropolitan areas may incur larger costs in service call-outs and travel fees. A local air conditioning company can be less expensive than a contractor that provides services from distant cities.

 Service costs may also vary based on the result of your negotiation with a prospective air conditioning specialist. Always consult with a professional and request a site inspection to help them provide you with a more accurate quotation.

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