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At the height of the Australian summer, temperatures can soar to unbearable levels. There are different types of air conditioners for different room types. HIREtrades ensure that you invest wisely in the right air conditioning system.

  • Fixed Air Conditioning Units are the most cost-effective and are usually plug and play to install. Window type is the most popular choice due to its low cost. A slot on the wall and an open space behind it are required to allow heat to dissipate and water to drip.

  • A split type is composed of two parts, the indoor (does not take up much area and can be used to cool two rooms) and outdoor unit (fitted outside the room).

  • Evaporative portable type is an easy-to-move model. This kind of air conditioning system vent cools another location through a hole in the divider or an accompanying window kit. It does not require to be installed permanently, can be moved to different rooms when needed, and is very affordable.

  • Another kind is the through-the-wall which is similar to the window type. It differs in design, weight, and capacity. This model has a higher cooling capability.

  • The ductless mini-split system is popular because of its high cooling efficiency. It can cover multiple zones in your home or office. It has a heat pump, an inverter technology, and is one of the most energy-efficient units available.

  • Package Terminal Air Conditioners are models being utilised in hotels and offices. PTAC has the ability to cool and heat any space. Since this system can be controlled from one location, it is common in commercial buildings.

Professional AC Consultations

It is advisable to engage professional AC consultations prior to purchasing a top unit. These experts will be able to help in selecting the most suitable system for your requirements.

The size of the room where the unit will be placed is an important consideration. For a standard-sized 2 sq m area, a 2.5 KW unit is recommended. A bigger space would require a higher capacity unit.

A mismatch between the area and the equipment will be a waste in many aspects and might even force customers to either buy a new one or remodel the place. A reverse cycle unit is recommended as it can be used all year round and is worth the value of your money. 

With a wide selection of assistance available in Australia, experts can offer guidance in selecting the most suitable air conditioning service to match your budget, lifestyle, and specific needs of the households. It is a guaranteed power-saving consumption.

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