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Air Conditioning Installation and Repair

An air conditioning unit is an effective tool in making the home comfortable. But it can also be the biggest energy sucker over time of usage. This is the reason it becomes advisable to service the air conditioning unit once a year or two (depending on the brand and type).

After inspection, repair and installation are the next most in-demand job of top air conditioning services in Brisbane QLD.

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Repair jobs are often taken as DIY projects by some people with basic handyman skills. But this is NOT advisable when it comes to repairing the air conditioning unit as it is a complex problem to solve. Local councils (per State) required only licenced tradies to handle all jobs covered in air conditioning servicing.

Here are the air conditioning problems that top air conditioning services: repairs & installations covers:

  • Any problems related to air conditioner drains and ductwork;
  • Refrigerant leaks;
  • Replacement of air conditioning unit’s valves, brackets, and circuit boards;
  • Worn fan controls and compressor;
  • Noisy ducted air conditioning unit
  • Re-gas of air conditioning systems;


Installation is the option for air conditioning problems that are beyond repair.  The air conditioning problems that top air conditioning services in Brisbane QLD can help you with are stated as follows:

  • Its age is more than 15 years old;
  • Noisy air conditioning device;
  • It requires frequent repairs;
  • Failure to operate properly due to a duct or insulation-related problems;

The good difference of installation to repair job is, you can avail the installation services even without a problem. If you plan to move from one room/house to another, you can hire them to ensure the safety of the unit.

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What should you look for in air conditioning services?

Licence and certifications are the typical requirements everyone check when hiring the top air conditioning services in Brisbane QLD. Those are important, however, these two are not the only major factor that could help to find the best professionals fast.

You should also focus on factors that can guarantee to provide excellent quality workmanship.

Use high-quality materials and tools

You can immediately tell if the air conditioning service you hired provide excellent quality workmanship just by looking at their tools and the quality of materials they use.

Air conditioning jobs require specialised tools to effectively solve a problem. This will help them to perform each task fast and effectively. While for the materials, quality always represents the extension it can add on the air conditioning unit’s life expectancy. Professional says that the higher the quality of the materials, the longer it will run efficiently.

Offer affordable cost without compromising quality

Quality tends to relate to cost most of the time. There are some believes that the higher the quality of the service, the more expensive it got. Though this can be true, it’s not the standard practice.

The most recommended to choose is the air conditioning service in Brisbane QLD that is known in offering affordable services without compromising the quality of their workmanship.

Have an insurance

Insurance plays an important role as it both provide peace of mind to you and the tradies. The insurances that every air conditioning service should have are public liability insurance and general property cover.

Pick only the best air conditioning solutions for you

The air conditioning services that you will meet on HIREtrades are proven to go the extra mile just to achieve full customer satisfaction. They will do this by picking the best air conditioning solutions tailored fit to your needs.

‘Best’ in terms of its efficiency, reduced energy consumption, and environmental-friendly.

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