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Air Conditioning Repairs & Services in Adelaide

In recent times, Adelaide broke its all-time heat record at 46.6 degrees Celsius. Amidst this Australian heatwave that has caused great inconvenience to Adelaide residents, every household is now regulating their air quality to fight the heat.

This makes air conditioning in Adelaide a staple for every household. Nothing is worse than having a broken air conditioning unit in the middle of this extreme heat.

Don’t let the heatwave bother you! For air-con repairs and installation, immediately contact the nearest air conditioning experts in Adelaide.

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Types of Air Conditioning Systems

Types of Air Conditioning Systems

Familiarising yourself with the different types of air conditioning systems is important in order for you to know what best suits your household needs. Moreover, it will also help you manage your finances as the prices of these types of air conditioning systems vary.

There are 3 most common air conditioning systems in Adelaide which you might encounter. They are as follows:

Ducted Air Conditioning System

Ducted air conditioning systems come in a concealed unit, usually placed in the roof space of your property. The cool air is directed to multiple rooms via a system of concealed ducting with only vents being visible.

As discussed above, South Australian weather conditions can be very temperamental, which is why ducted air conditioning systems will be very beneficial to your household. 

Moreover, if you want a discreet-looking air conditioning system, then this is for you. If household aesthetics matter to you, having a ducted air conditioning system installed will definitely suit your space.

Only the controller and the grilles are visible – you would hardly know it’s there. Not to mention, it is the quietest of all air conditioning systems.

Other benefits of ducted air conditioning systems include:

  • Whole home solution
  • Easy to control
  • Zones for flexibility
  • Seamless look
  • Less noise

Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning System

The concept of reverse cycle air conditioning system is simple: it makes use of heat from outside of the room instead of the inside. This works even on colder nights by extracting heat from outside, and then this heat is transferred inside.

The refrigerant extracts heat from outside by means of an external coil. Reverse cycle air conditioner is very popular in South Australia, as it ensures an environment that is perfectly climate-controlled in both residential and commercial spaces.

Below are some of the benefits in availing this system:

  • Economical form of heating within the home or office
  • Able to provide heating and cooling in the one central unit
  • Cool to touch at all times
  • No exposure to elements
  • Average life span of 20 years
  • Works to filter and dehumidify air

Evaporative Air Conditioning System

As the name suggests, an evaporative air conditioner uses evaporation to help cool the air. This means hot and dry air outdoors is pumped through water-soaked cooling pads using an evaporative cooling fan.

The biggest difference between evaporative air conditioning system and the rest is definitely the cost. In recent years, Australia has been facing high energy costs, which made evaporative air conditioning system increasingly popular because of its cost-effectiveness.

As a matter of fact, records show that modern evaporative cooling systems in South Australia can save you up to 80% on energy bills compared to a reverse cycle air conditioner.

Evaporative air conditioning system is very eco-friendly. It uses far less electricity compared to refrigerated systems, which means less fossil fuels such as coal and natural gas are consumed in the production of electricity.

Moreover, it also helps with the preservation of our ozone layer. Compared to other refrigerated systems that use potent greenhouse gases like hydrofluorocarbons or chlorofluorocarbons, evaporative air conditioning system makes use of no harmful synthetic refrigerants.

The power consumption of just one ducted reverse cycle air conditioner can result in up to 1.6 tonnes of harmful CO2 being pumped into the atmosphere each year.

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Prices of Professional Air Conditioning Services in Adelaide

Prices of Professional Air Conditioning Services in Adelaide

In availing professional air conditioning services in Adelaide, it is important to get a price quote in order to help you manage your expenses.

Having an idea of the cost of these services will enable you to know how much you will allot in your budget. Listed below is the price range of the air conditioning services in Adelaide:

Air Conditioning Cleaning | LOW

Cleaning is the most common and most availed air conditioning service in Adelaide, which makes its rate relatively low. However, it still depends on how extensive the labour will be, which lies on how dirty or clean your duct system is.

However, keep in mind that a clean air con unit runs more efficiently. The dirt in your unit will make it harder for your system to reach the temperature you have set, which means the more electricity it will use.

Having your air conditioner cleaned regularly won’t only save you from further damage, but also from electricity costs.

Air Conditioning General Maintenance | MID

Air conditioning general maintenance price range can generally be between middle to high. This is due to a number of factors. First, how frequent do you need this service? Second, what kind of system does your AC have?

Some of the mid-year maintenance services that would determine the price range are as follow:

  • Ducted air conditioning system with Gelair
  • Ducted evaporative cooling system
  • Wall or ceiling mounted split system

Registering to a seasonal preventative maintenance plan is the wisest and most cost-effective maintenance one can avail for their AC unit. 

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Emergency Air Conditioning Repair | HIGH

As abovementioned, emergency air conditioning repairs in Adelaide will cost you a higher rate. The following are categorised as emergency situations:

  • After-hours calls
  • Overnights
  • Weekends
  • Holidays.

However, despite the higher cost, it is guaranteed that your air conditioning issues will be addressed urgently. They will usually respond to your call within a reasonable time frame like 2 hours.

You will be prioritised, and the higher rate will immediately make sense, as an air conditioning problem is something that should be fixed right away.

Car Air Conditioning Services | MID

Did you know that your vehicle’s air conditioning unit has to be serviced at least once in every 12 months? The good news is that it’s not as pricey as one may think.

Below are some of the typical car air conditioning services in Adelaide you might encounter:

  • Regassing cars, trucks, buses and commercial vehicles
  • Making and repairing air conditioner pipes and hoses
  • Supply and fitting reconditioned and new compressors
  • Systems rebuilds
  • Electronic leak testing
  • UV dye leak testing
  • TX valve replacement
  • Condenser replacement
  • Evaporator replacement

Some air conditioning companies in Adelaide offer a free follow-up inspection 3 to 4 weeks after your car has been regassed. Make sure to find the most cost-effective offer in Adelaide.

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How can HIREtrades help you find a Professional Air Con Expert in Adelaide?

Hire Professional Air Con Expert in Adelaide

As Australia’s most trusted trades provider, HIREtrades will give you access to Adelaide’s most skilled and reputable aircon experts to do the job for you.

If you live in Adelaide and you have air conditioning issues, HIRETrades can help you find suitable tradie to help you with your needs.

Below are some of the ways we can help you in hiring an aircon expert:

Access to Different Kinds of Services

If you’re still unsure as to what kind of services you need, HIREtrades’ cost guide and blogs can further inform you of the different kinds of services that local air conditioning companies in Adelaide offer. 

Having the knowledge on the different kinds of air conditioning services will enlighten you on which company to contact, and will give you an idea on the rates you need for your budget planning.

HIREtrades is all about customer satisfaction. Your convenience is our utmost priority. The HIREtrades mobile app is now available for download on the App Store and Google Play!

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