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The role of a residential architect is vital to new home constructions or renovations – their expertise and contributions in designing and building a new home will provide a lot of value for you as a home or building owner.

An architecture service’s job is to make sure that the buildings they design are habitable, safe, long-lasting, and beautiful – and to be familiar with these parameters they had gone through years of studying their craft.

There is no doubt that licensed architects know what they are doing – and they are one of the most important people to turn to at the beginning of a building project.

What Do Architects Do?

Architecture services begin from the planning of the building project to overseeing the construction and project management. Below are the usual services that an architecture firm provides its clients:

1. Project inception – This is the first stage of planning when the architect and client will discuss all the requirements, needs, and goals for the project.

2. Schematic design – This is when the architect begins drafting preliminary designs according to the client’s preferences and budget. The architect may present different design options that they can discuss further with the client.

3. Design development – This begins when a schematic design is agreed upon and there is a clearer picture of the finished project. During this phase, additional details are added and adjustments are made when necessary.

4. Documentation – Part of an architect’s services is to provide construction documents that will be used as the basis for obtaining the necessary permits and other pertinent documents in a building project.

5. Bidding and negotiation – Once the design and documentation are finalized, the architect can recommend a contractor they can easily work with. The architecture service must assist the client in evaluating the bidding and in preparing the contract.

6. Construction and contract administration – During construction, the architect must perform regular on-site visits to ensure that everything is being built according to the contract. The architect must also make sure that all materials and quality of workmanship are acceptable.

Benefits of Hiring an Architect

Designing and building is not a simple process – it takes years of studying and practice for an architectural graduate to master the principles of architecture. With an architect’s expertise, a simple idea or a dream you have for your home may be turned into reality.

Licensed architects understand the complexities of design and build, and should be able to give you advise or design recommendations according to their knowledge and expertise. An architect is trained to plan ahead, draft, and find solutions to design or construction problems that may arise.

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Another important reason to hire an architect is their project management skills. Architecture services oversee big and small projects and ensure that all stages of construction are going along smoothly.

They are knowledgeable in different kinds of construction materials and tools that are most appropriate for the project. Overall, the architect’s primary job is to make your life easier whilst in the process of building your new home.

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