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Choosing the Best Awning Builders Near You

Whether it’s a stationary or retractable awning that needs fixing, there are companies that provide services ranging from awning repairs to cleaning, to maintenance. In some cases, installation of new awnings is recommended for irreparable awning covers.

Before hiring, ensure that the local awning repair and cleaning specialist has the qualities that match your requirements. Here’s what you should be considering.

  • Experienced and Insured

    Awnings are generally made with fabrics and are installed outdoors. For that reason, they can fade, wear and accumulate dust as time passes. If you need reliable awning cleaning services, find a company with years of experience in awning maintenance.

    Insurance should also be considered. For a business providing awning and blind repairs, public liability insurance is important. It covers third party injuries and property damage.

  • Courteous and Professional

    Along with the experience of the awning repairer, ask about how they deal with clients and resolve their concerns. Do they listen to the consumer’s concern and care about your priority? How do they balance your needs and their recommendations?

    Always consider tradies who are well-communicative and easy to approach. You may refer to client reviews online and ask a few customers for feedback about their work ethics and attitude.

  • Prompt and Flexible

    Consider how quick and efficient the company is when you need to have your awnings cleaned or repaired. Often the promptness in providing the service promotes their professionalism in scheduling and meeting client demands.

    Flexibility is another factor to look into. Does the awning repairs service provider accept repair jobs regardless of the type of awning? Tradies that offer bost give you an outlet for the installation and future maintenance. 

Different Types of Awnings

Awnings are generally found in outdoor spaces. They come in a variety of fabrics and styles to fit your design and property needs. The following are the common types of awnings installed in most homes and leisure areas.

Retractable Awning

Retractable awnings can be installed in residential and commercial areas. This type usually doesn’t have side coverings and vertical supports.

It is often attached to the exterior wall of a house or commercial structure. Being retractable, it provides two-way benefits: to provide shade from rain and take advantage of the sun’s heat.

Freestanding Awning

Freestanding awnings are portable types similar to marquees or canopies. They offer convenience in terms of flexibility and function. Homeowners can carry them anywhere around the outdoor area where necessary.

Automatic Awning

Automatic awnings are electrically operated coverings that make use of a sliding mechanism. They work by swinging up and down, in and out, and may be customised to fit your doors and windows.

Automatic awnings solely rely on motorised components to function well.

Verandah Awning

Verandah awnings are extended awning shades against the sun’s heat and light rain. Their function is almost the same as straight drop awnings which are often utilised in enclosing outdoor living areas.

Patios, pergolas, gazebos and verandahs benefit from this type as the awning shades offer more privacy and weather protection.

Window Awning

Window awnings are specifically designed and made for windows. Unlike other styles like retractable awnings, this type often has side covers and can provide a great deal of shade indoors.

Colorbond Steel Awning

Colorbond steel awnings are economical in function and can be an ideal style that rigidly protects the doors and windows. This type of awning is durable due to the materials used and can stand the test of time.

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What Determines the Cost of Awning Services

The cost of awning services can vary depending on many factors including the quality of fabrics used. These aspects should be carefully considered to know how much budget you will need.

1. Scope of the Job

The scope of work can impact the cost of awning services. Most awning experts cover repairs, cleaning and awning installation services to take advantage of the benefits of this stylish shade and covering.

For awning repairs, the quality of mechanisms, fabrics or metal sheets to buy as replacement will have an implication on pricing.

Clarify if the tradie will have to dismantle the awning and do the necessary fixes in the repair shop or deal with the problems (e.g. restitching worn-out seams, binding replacement) on-site.

For cleaning services, the quality of products to use also influences the cost.

2. Type of Awning

The type of awning that you need to install affects the service cost. If, for instance, you prefer to set up a folding arm awning, you need to consider the price of the required materials and components that you will use.

In terms of materials, Colorbond awnings may significantly cost higher than a usual fabric-made awning. Adding to cost is how long the installation, repair or maintenance will take.

3. Size of Awning

Bigger awnings are apparently more expensive to install than smaller ones. However, you need to consider the quality of products used in the installation as the materials can surpass the awning size.

Low-grade products used in bigger awnings often tend to be cheaper than awnings that make use of high-quality materials.

HIREtrades can help you obtain up to three free quotes from a list of local awning installers, repairers and cleaning specialists to meet the clients’ needs. Post a job via HIREtrades and choose the best awning company that offers reasonable costs.

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