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stair balustrade

Stair balustrade installation service is important as it ensures the safety of users climbing up and down the stairs. It also adds aesthetic appeal to the staircase. To achieve high quality construction, engaging a professional is highly recommended. 

A stairway is designed to connect two different floors with a large vertical distance between them. With its grand look, it may serve as the focal point of the room. Some homeowners prefer a spiral staircase for elegance. 

A landing, which is a wide, flat area found at the foot of the stairs serves as a resting point or may also be used to change the direction of the stairs which can then be integrated to other stairwells. In designing the flight of stairs, its individual step called tread must have a width that is enough to fit the average size of a foot.

Making sure it is not slippery by choosing a matte finish or applying an anti-slip coating on a shiny surface is necessary. Having a handrail for support is also crucial. A balustrade is made up of a group of balusters or small posts that support the railing. 

They are important for people to hold onto while going up or down the staircase. Also, the barricade is useful in closing the gaps on the sides and gives the staircase a finished look. An attractive material and design also make the stairs more aesthetically pleasing.

The balusters may be slim, ornate or decorative while for the railing an over-the-post or post-to-post style may be used.

Stair Balustrade Installation Contractors

Stair balustrade installation contractor comply with regulations for building standards. Some companies install staircases only while other service providers include balustrades as well. They have experts who specialise in the replacement of an existing balustrade or addition of new balusters.

Before hiring a contractor, it is necessary to review their work history. Check their qualifications and certifications before engaging them. Confirm whether they offer warranty or guarantee for their products and services. 

Choosing the materials for the stair balustrade is important as it contributes to its overall appearance. The popular options are timber, metal and glass. These materials may also be combined to produce a unique and modern look. 

Balustrading is often charged by the metre. The installer will provide a quote based on the measurements of the staircase. Size is a huge factor when determining overall costs as well as the price of the materials to be used.

Final cost ranges from around $1,000 for small and simple designs to $10,000 and more for elaborate and grand structures.

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