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bathtub installation

A bath is a practical feature in the house that is ideal for relaxing. In many bathroom renovation projects, top bathtub installation service is a major consideration. This kind of work is strongly advised to be done by professionals. It is because there are critical plumbing and waterproofing processes involved including the following:

  • Getting the right measurement. In installing, measurements are the key. The dimensions of the unit as well as the space needed for it are to be exact. There must be enough room underneath it to fit the drainage system. A groove in the wall must be cut with the correct fitting as that of the tub. This is vital in enabling the wall sheeting and the tile to go right down to its top for securing it is waterproofed.

  • Ensuring necessary support. Regardless of the type, each one needs to be supported. It is crucial to ensure that it sits as it should and does not move. Those which are made from plastics must have a mortar base. Many, actually, have their own supporting system already. But still, they must be erected properly as instructed.

  • Connecting the drains and sealing it. After connecting the drain, the seals must be tested as waterproof by pouring some water. Then fill the bathtub first before the gap between it and the adjoining walls or materials are sealed. This is to make sure that it has settled correctly and the sealant can carry the maximum weight and will not crack.

Professional Bathtub Installers

Bathtubs can be installed either as a standalone fixture in conjunction with a shower. They have overflow section, waste drains and mounted taps. They are commonly available in colour white though there are other colours to choose as well.

Two common styles:

  • Western. It is usually long and shallow enabling user to lie down.

  • Eastern. It is typically short and deep confining user to sit-up.

A do-it-yourself installation can lead to serious problems. The warranty of the product will also be void if it is not installed appropriately. Professional bathtub installers can do the job easily and securely. Just do not forget to ask for a quote that covers all aspects of the service. It would be better to get some references to check the quality of the work being done.

In this way, households can feel secured that the project will end with a result that is expected.

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