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Bathtub Resurfacing Services

bathtub resurfacing

Bathtubs are one of the most important features in a bathroom as it is used daily for cleansing and relaxing purposes. Any evidence of worn, chipped, cracked or faded surface calls for a resurface. 

It is a much cheaper alternative than a complete replacement. Here are the four major benefits of top bathtub resurfacing services.

  • Cost-effective. Installing or remodelling a brand new tub can cost up to thousands of dollars. But if the damage can be resurfaced instead, you will save a huge amount of money in the long run. There are plenty of resurfacing methods available which are affordable and could last for many years.

  • Long-lasting results. A new finish coating can strengthen the natural materials and durability of a bath. It will result to a revitalised and much stronger bathtub. It can overcome any wear and tear that can be caused by countless baths. The savings you can have is further confirmed.

  • Efficient method. Innovative technology makes this process very quick and does not require tearing down of floors or walls. The procedure can take up a couple of days only with reduced downtime. You can also choose the best technique that requires no waiting period. Once it’s done, you can use it immediately.

  • Customisation option. It offers a great opportunity for flexibility. You can decide to stick with the same way as it is done before with restored platform. Or you can also opt to change and twist it to your new preference of colour and slickness.

  • Quality finish. With a team of professional resurfacers, you can rest assured that the outcome will meet your expectations and requirements. The best companies can give you a warranty and a qualified service to ensure a lasting result.

Bathtub Resurfacing Contractors

The major processes for resurfacing a bathtub are as follows:

  • The surfaces to be treated must be prepared and the room must be blocked off during the entire process. It must be also kept dry to avoid any bubbles from appearing in the finished coating that’s caused by moisture.

  • A bonding agent is then applied to the surface. Once set, the new finishing coat is sprayed on.

  • The finish will be cured with heat and polished. A fresh mildew resistant caulk is then applied to all seams.

  • The standard application can be completed effectively in two days.

If it is slightly scratched or has a smaller chip, there are kits available for do-it-yourself. But for larger jobs, experienced and professional bathtub resurfacing contractors are needed. Take enough time and consideration in hiring one because replacing the work will be a waste of resources.

Pick someone that uses safe and authorised products. Ensure also that he is covered by the company’s insurance as the work is dangerous and quite harmful to everyone’s health.

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