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complete bathroom renovation

Top complete bathroom renovation services are worth the effort and money because refurbishing the important parts of the house boosts its value and makes it more modernised without losing its functionality. 

In this article, we summarise the essential things you need to know before you embark on this project. Listed below are some considerations in transforming your dated bathroom into something stylish and functional:

Fixtures and Fittings – Basins, mixer taps, towel racks, and mirrors are some examples. Choosing styles that will match your idea is imperative but buying new sets for remodelling is not always a wise move, especially if your existing ones are still working fine. 

But whether brand new or recycled, the top priority is that they must be convenient to use, since these units are being utilised daily.

Plumbing and Electrical Works – These are some of the complicated jobs to be completed in an all-out bathroom renovation. If possible, try not to move the current plumbing and electrical services as they can be expensive. 

If you prefer new systems, ensure to seek advice from a professional to get the best value for your money.

Tiling – Tiles can be used on floors, walls, and even a shower stall feature. White ceramic tiles are still popular but there is also a vast range of designs to choose from in case you want to have patterned ones. 

If you want to retain your existing tiling but give it a new look, you can have them resurfaced. It is also necessary that tiles for the flooring must be safe to use even when wet.

Storage – This is a crucial factor in all bathrooms; cabinetry, shelving, and vanities are essential to keep toiletries and other necessities in place and accessible when needed. 

They can also be customised to suit the entire room’s layout. Consulting a professional cabinet maker can help you decide on what will work best for your bath space.

Bathroom Renovation Contractors

Renovating your bathing area involves various types of jobs, so you will also have to employ different tradespeople. The following are some of the professionals that you may need to hire:

  • Designers – for drafting a new bathroom layout considering your specifications
  • Plumbers – for installation and moving of toilets, taps, baths, and drainage
  • Electricians – for electrical works such as installing lighting and power points
  • Tilers – for installing new tiles or resurfacing existing ones
  • Painters – for application of appropriate coats and finishes
  • Carpenters and Cabinet Makers – for structural changes (ex. Timber doors) and cabinetry

It is highly recommended to hire professional bathroom renovation contractors. Professionals provide the necessary trades and supervise the overall project.

Prior to hiring one, you must make sure first that he is licensed, experienced, and capable of carrying out your requirements and specifications for remodelling your bathroom.

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