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toilet installation

One of the best ways to add comfort and value to your property is to remodel the bathroom which is one of the most important and mostly used spots in the house. It usually involves removing an old or damaged toilet and replacing it with a new one. 

Engaging top toilet installation services ensure that the task is being done correctly to avoid any problems to arise such as leakage and potential hygiene issues.

There are Australian standards to follow and the main goal is to protect the household’s drinking water supply. Those are the reasons why this project must be done by professionals. 

Dirt in the sewage will be properly disposed of guaranteeing your health is highly considered. Considering effective consultations from experts is a guarantee to achieve favourable results. With the help of reputable companies across Australia, households can live comfortably with peace of mind.

Professional Toilet Installers

Whether you prefer to have your unit installed by yourself or a professional toilet installer, here are the criteria to look for in purchasing an item:

  1. Bowl shape. Though this is an obvious aspect, you have to consider two different shapes for good reasons. The major consideration is the amount of space you will have in using the toilet. A round bowl utilises less space while the elongated one gives you more seating area and is more comfortable for larger people.

  2. Height. Typically, there are two heights available to choose from: standard which is between 14 and 15 inches high, and chair height that is around 18 inches. Standards are fine for persons of regular size but not for those who are taller or have difficulty sitting down and standing up.

  3. Flush Mechanism. This feature is very important to consider for top performance. Mechanisms are measured by the weight of waste matter they can dispose of. To avoid double flushing always carefully evaluate your family needs. Usually, the higher-rated flush can remove more waste and upper ratings have better clog resistance. There’s also a significant difference to know between the low end that carries 350g and the high end which removes up to 1000g.

  4. Water usage. Efficiency is a long-term consideration with the cost of this utility. Lower consumption of 4.8 litres is better for conservation but is less convenient for toilet performance. That’s why dual flush is being considered for use option. You can select to use full flushes for solid waste or just a lighter flush for liquids only.

  5. Cost. Plumber rates depend on the overall tasks involved in installing your toilet. On average, it costs between $300 and $400 but could be much lower for relatively easy installation to as low as $150.

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