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A bathroom vanity is considered to be an essential piece in many bathrooms. It hides unsightly plumbing and drains while providing valuable countertops, cupboard and drawer spaces. It determines the overall look and feel of the area.

It is for these reasons that you need to opt for a design that complements with the other fixtures and materials that can stand the test of time. As one of the most used pieces, choosing the best among different vanities must be practical.

Here are the three common types to consider should you decide to have one in your home.

  • Shelf-mounted. This option is the cheapest and easiest to install and maintain. It is a perfect space-saving solution for a smaller bathroom. You can simply match its colour by using the same paint as that of the room, or you can also opt for glass shelving. You can have it placed under or next to a mirror and serve simply with a pedestal or wall sink.

  • Wall-mounted. This type can become a real eye-catcher with more innovative designs available today. Since it is affixed directly onto the wall, it leaves a sizeable gap between the unit and the floor. This then creates an illusion of extra space. Materials to be used for its construction vary and can be made from wood, glass, stone or metal. A good material combination can greatly add appeal. Given the complexity and size, it can be an expensive option, but is a more versatile choice making it worth to look for top bathroom vanity installation services.

  • Traditional cabinet-style. This unit is the most common style and is found in most bathrooms all throughout Australia. Cabinet units can be mounted anywhere and can be installed semi-recessed if you need more space. In some instances, this can be a freestanding piece out of converted furniture.

Professional Bathroom Vanity Installation Contractors

The process of installing vanities may require more than one person but do not worry because there are contractors who can help to have the needed services within your budget. They can provide the best cabinet makers to work on all the tasks involved in the project.

They can plan and discuss the size and type. Professional bathroom vanity installation contractors can build and install any of your desired design at the right spot. They will ensure that materials align with the functionality the households are wishing for to achieve. Being creative, making a lasting impression is one of their top priorities.

Experts can greatly help when it comes to practical thinking to drive your decision. The plumbers will work on all the plumbing requirements and ensure that everything is correctly plumbed for your safety and security. The electrical works are also taken care of with the technical expertise that these professionals offer.

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