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Waterproofing Bathroom Services

waterproofing bathroom

Of all the rooms in the house, bathrooms need to be the most waterproofed. Whether you are building a new home or renovating, waterproofing bathroom is one of the priority tasks to do. 

It involves putting in place a barrier around the floor and walls to protect the whole structure from the moisture. It is done in stages and is best before tiles are laid. 

Waterproof products are usually sheets or a water-based, high-performance polyurethane membrane that is painted on the surface. Application of this liquid sealant is similar to that of paints. 

A primer is used before the first coating is applied horizontally. The subsequent coat is then added in a vertical manner to catch any holes missed by the prior coats. All joints, floor penetrations, points where features such as bath and vanity meet the walls are sealed with silicone.

Sealants need about one day to dry out to ensure that they do create a proper seal. Then allow them to completely cure without any disturbance before continuing with the other work. 

This is to secure that water will not seep in to avoid any structural damage which is expensive to repair. Hiring top waterproofing bathroom services ensures that everything is done properly preventing any potential problems to occur.

Professional Bathroom Waterproofers

This kind of job has to comply with the regulations in place as set out by the Building Code of Australia and Australian Standards. The minimum requirements include:

  • In the shower area, the whole floor must be waterproofed and walls should be covered up to 1800mm.

  • The entire wall needs to have 150mm waterproofing.

  • If the floors are made of some wood, or if it is on the second story and higher, it must be thoroughly covered.

Unless you are a certified tradesperson, this task must be carried out only by professional bathroom waterproofers. This is to prevent any leak that can cause many issues like plasterboard decay, rising damp, mould, peeling paints, and other serious damages.

Repairing all these will surely cost you more so it is better to pay right the first time for a high-quality result. In some cases, other tradesmen like tilers and plumbers can also be certified to perform this work. 

Whoever you prefer and whatever situation you are in, make sure that you get the best person who has a good knowledge of the necessary products and their applications. He can also explain the processes involved and their significance for you to appreciate it.

And most of all, always ensure a written guarantee of quality workmanship and a warranty after its completion. A certificate of compliance will also be issued to you as evidence that your home, particularly your bathroom meets the Australian standards.

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