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3 Air Conditioning Service Tips for Your Home

An air conditioning unit adds comfort to the house, particularly on a hot summer day. This is the reason it’s a must for every homeowner to maintain it. Air conditioning service maintenance will not only help the air conditioning unit long but also helps you save energy cost.

Here are some air conditioning service tips that help you achieve these goals:

Air Conditioning Service Tips for Your Home

1. Clean the air conditioning unit

First on the air conditioning service tips is cleaning. This is because cleaning is the simplest way to maintain good air quality around the home. The filter, ducts, and condenser coils are the part of the air conditioning unit that should be cleaned.

  • For the filter, you can clean it by shaking or brushing the specks of dust or other debris’ off. Once done, you can completely clean it off by vacuuming or wash it with water. This process is applicable too for carbon and HEPA filters.

You probably wonder how often you should clean your filters? Air conditioning experts’ advice to do the cleaning task depends on the usage and the environment you live in. If the air conditioning unit is always ON or you are living in a dusty area, it’s ideal to do it weekly. But in general, you can do the cleaning every 2 weeks or twice a month. This is the same for air conditioning carbon and HEPA filters.

But if there’s a sign of damage, you’ll notice weakness on its’ performance or if the filter(s) is between 1 to 2 years old, you must replace the filters with a new one.

  • For the ducts and condenser coils, it’s highly recommended to let the Air Conditioning expert do the cleaning.

Ducts are the passageways used in air conditioning unit to deliver air. There are two reasons why only an Air Conditioning expert can do this task: one is a safety risk. The safety risk that may occur in air conditioning ducts is air contamination due to exposure of too much water or moisture. Water damage always leads to the growth of bacteria, such as mold and fungi, that is dangerous to one’s health.

The second reason is the complexity of the job. Since most of the air conditioning ducts are hidden behind the walls, sometimes ceiling, there is a need to remove some parts just to reach the ducts. Not to mention, squeezing in tight places to see damages on the ducts.

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To avoid inhalation of contaminated air, it’s a must to call an air conditioning expert that is physically fit, has a solid experience and knowledge on providing an air conditioning service specialising on ducts cleaning.

The condenser coil is responsible for releasing the heat that has been absorbed by the refrigerant. This is very important to clean because it may incur problems like coils overheating or freezing. Whichever problem you may experience, the result will remain the same – increases energy usage by 30%, approximately.

The reason why only an Air Conditioning expert can do this task is that the condenser coils are very delicate to handle. One wrong move, even just giving a little force, can cause it to get bent. To prevent this from happening, call a reliable air conditioning expert that offers an air conditioning service specialising on condenser coils cleaning.

How often you should clean the condenser coils? The general rule of thumb on cleaning condenser coils is once a year or two (maximum).

2. Avoid setting the temperature too low

The next air conditioning service tips are to avoid setting the temperature too low.

There are some who believe that when you set the air conditioning unit to its lowest temperature, it will fasten the cooling process on your house. This is not true at all and a must avoid because it will only put too much pressure on the unit’s system that may end up destroying it. The air conditioning experts’ advice for the right cooling temperature is 23°C or higher.

But please take note that you can only set this temperature outside reach more than 30°C. Lower than this, you can use a fan instead and save a maximum of $200 a year, approximately.

3. Never miss any important maintenance

Last on the air conditioning service tips is to never miss any maintenance required for the air conditioning unit.

For an air conditioning unit to last long and to guarantee to maximise its usage, you need to give all the necessary maintenance it requires. Maintenance is done on these ranges: weekly, monthly, twice a year, and annually. The standard maintenance required for air conditioning units is the regular maintenance. Regular maintenance is often performing weekly or twice a week. The tasks included on here are cleaning and inspection of the outdoor air conditioning unit.

Another form of maintenance required for air conditioning units is the routine maintenance. Routine maintenance is often performing monthly, twice a year or yearly. This will actually depend on the brand or type of air conditioning you have at home. The tasks included here are the following:

  • Inspection of the thermostat settings
  • Check the refrigerant level to ensure it runs smoothly and not using too much energy
  • Tightening of electrical connections and wiring
  • A thorough inspection of both condenser and evaporator coils
  • Inspection of the heat pumps, condensate drain in central air conditioning units, and furnaces
  • Lubricating the moving parts of the air conditioning unit to prevent friction

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