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Best Portable Air Conditioning System this Summer to Cool Your House

Summer is in the air! While others are having a blast at the beach, some stay at home thinking of the best solution to make their home cool. A portable air conditioner is one of the common solutions because of its efficiency, weight, don’t contain much installation work and budget-friendly.

If you are considering purchasing one, here are some important factors that you must consider to ensure you will get the best portable air conditioner in the market today.

What brands are considered to offer the best portable air conditioner in Australia?

There are three brands in Australia that are considered as the best portable air conditioner and these are the Rinnai, Olimpia Splendid, and De’Longhi.

1. Rinnai

Rinnai is one of the trusted household names that provides reliable products for heating, hot water, and cooling. In cooling, Rinnai has been known for manufacturing the best portable air conditioner that is equipped with efficient features and has a modern design. Rinnai offers two portable air conditioners and those are the RPC35WA and RPC41WA model.

The RPC35WA model is the best portable air conditioner to have when you live in areas which has high levels of mercury during summer. Or, you can use it in your home offices, bedrooms or any room that has a size of up to 21 square metres. This portable air conditioner weighs 33 kg and has a rated cooling of 3.5 kW. While the RPC41WA model is also one of the best portable air conditioners because it can cool both small and large-sized rooms of the house. It has the same weight as the RPC35WA model and has a rated cooling of 4.1 kW.

In terms of features, these two portable air conditioners have the same features which are stated as follows:

  • It has an adjustable temperature control, remote control, and delay timer
  • It has 3 three fan speed settings
  • It includes a ventilation kit
  • It has a swing function
  • For the portability, it has omni-directional caster wheels and carries handles

The only disadvantages that most homeowners noticed with Rinnai’s portable air conditioners are the exhaust tube which is a bit bulky and that the main unit is noisy when operating.

2. Olimpia Splendid

The next brand that stands out is the Olimpia Splendid. Olimpia Splendid is one of best portable air conditioner because of the addition to their unit that makes it more effective with less noise. These additions are the air supply system and the tangential fan. Olimpia Splendid offers their PIU portable air conditioner with 3 model designs PIU’ ECO 12, PIU’ 14, and PIU’ CUBE 16.

These 3 models have the same features which stated as follows:

  • It has a fan, cooling, and automatic mode. The cooling mode has 3 adjustable settings.
  • It has cooling dehumidification that lowers down the surrounding’s humidity
  • It has a timer that can automatically turn the unit’s On and Off.

Their only difference is their weight, the scope of rooms they can cover, cooling capacity, dehumidification capacity, and operational units. The table below will show you the comparison of the 3 portable air conditioners of Olimpia Splendid.

comparison of portable air conditioners

The only disadvantages that most homeowners encounter with Olimpia Splendid’s portable air conditioner is that the vents don’t move.

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3. De’Longhi

De’Longhi may be a surprise brand to see for portable air conditioner because it has been long-known for offering reliable kitchen equipment like coffee machines. But De’Longhi is one of the best portable air conditioner brands because of all the positive reviews it was receiving.

In total, De’Longhi offers 6 portable air conditioners. The simplest model of De’Longhi is the Pinguino Air-to-Air PACN76DG. For its functions, it contains fan and dehumidifying. While for its features, it contains 3 fan speed settings, soft-touch control panel, thermostat with 12-hour format, and remote control.

The most advanced of De’Longhi portable air conditioner is the Pinguino Air-to-Air PACN76DG. This is the only portable air conditioner that has a water-to-air technology which helps to eliminate the heat from the house. Its other unique features are the following:

  • Its’ water tank has a capacity up to 10 litres
  • It has a smart and sleep mode
  • It has a No Drip Technology
  • It was equipped with a turbo power

The only similarity of all the models of De’Longhi is their warranty coverage. De’Longhi has a 2-year warranty for both labour and parts.

What size portable air conditioner do I need for my house?

You can determine this by knowing the exact size of the room. For portable air conditioners the best size of portable air conditioner per square metre are stated as follows:

  • For a 100+ square metre room = 2,000 BTU
  • For a 500+ square metre room = 10,000 BTU
  • For a 1000 square metre room = 20,000 BTU
  • Note: British Thermal Units or BTU is the conventional unit of heat that measures the cooling capability of an air conditioner.

This is important take note because once you determine it, you can assure to maximise the cooling and overall performance of the unit.

What are the things to consider when buying a portable air conditioner?

Aside from the brand and size of the best portable air conditioner, the other things that you need to consider are the installation location, healthy features and the noise it produces. The right place for the portable air conditioner to be installed is near a window and a power outlet. The window will serve as a vent, while the power outlet will keep the cords in one place and avoid any unnecessary tripping accident.

The healthy features that you must find are filters. The filters available for portable air conditioners are pre-filter, carbon, filter, dust, mold, and pollen. These filters will ensure to keep the air quality clean and healthy for you to inhale.

The portable air conditioner provides the home comfort. To ensure you will have a good stay at home, especially at night, choose a quieter portable air conditioner. The quietest portable air conditioner may produce a sound volume of 50 decibels. But if there are lower than that, it’s much ideal.

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