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Minimise Air Conditioning Repair: Preparing Your AC for Spring

Now that Winter finally bids goodbye, one of the most important tasks not to overlook is to perform basic maintenance on air conditioning units. Intensive inspection and maintenance are vital to prepare your AC for the Spring season and prevent inconvenience as well as costly air conditioning repair and maintenance.

Warmer temperatures are expected to continue in the next three months according to Bureau of Meteorology’s climate outlook for Spring. As shown in the weather forecast, some parts of SA, NSW and Central Australia are most likely to experience drier than average conditions.

As temperatures begin to rise, it’s important to have your AC in good condition to help you survive the warmer months.

Where to Begin

No matter how good or trusted the brand is, your AC still needs to undergo regular monitoring and maintenance. However, it’s important to know some common issues your AC may encounter to plan in advance and conduct preventative measures.

Familiarising yourself with its potential problems can help minimise air conditioning repair. Here are a few signs to recognise the need to take immediate action:

  • Blowing hot air
  • Excess leaks or moisture around the system
  • Unusual sounds and smells
  • Frequent repairs (once a year is ideal)
  • Increased energy bills

Steps to Take When Doing an Air Conditioning Tune-Up

Spring is the beginning of a warm and dry season. Leaving your AC unused for weeks or months requires in-depth maintenance. Just as you need a properly regulated body temperature, your AC also needs constant upkeep.

Whether your AC type is refrigerated or evaporative, split or window type, calling a professional is recommended to complete the task for you and give practical advice when necessary.

Clean the AC Condenser

Cleaning your air conditioner is one way to maximise its efficiency and extend its lifespan. As a rule of thumb, it’s safe to run a series of tests when the temperature level reaches at least 15-degree Celsius. Before you dive into the succeeding steps, it’s good to remember the basics.

  1. Make sure to shut down the outdoor unit system first for safe implementation.
  2. If you used any piece of cloth to cover the unit during the colder months, early Spring is the right time to uncover the outdoor unit.
  3. Lubricate the parts such as the motor and fan to help it function well.
  4. It’s also essential to remove any excess branches, dead leaves and any form of debris from the condenser to allow air to flow freely.
  5. Use a soft brush and a cleaner when dusting off the condenser fins to make it look good as new and make it more useful.

Check the Filter

Your filter plays a very important role in regulating the amount of cool air being blown into the room. Before you conduct any inspection, make sure to turn off the power switch.

  1. Look for any traces of dirt or dust build-up to prevent the cooling system from acquiring air conditioning repair caused by preventable damages such as water leaks.
  2. If you own a refrigerated type of AC, your filter requires regular cleaning on a quarterly basis to ensure it won’t trap the dust inside the system. Some may require checking it once every 6 months for guaranteed performance. Consider also the size of the room and the unit itself to know how often it should be cleaned.
  3. Replace the old filter to keep your AC running in the coming months until Summer.
  4. You may ask your local air conditioning specialist to choose what fits your system without setting aside the appropriate size and product. Not only will it help increase its efficiency but can also help reduce your energy bills.

Other Factors to Consider

  • Check the type, size and brand of your AC unit to provide the needed details for air conditioning repair and maintenance
  • Ask your local authority for appropriate permits before setting up an agreement with your prospective air conditioning specialist
  • Power off the switch of your unit before cleaning the parts such as the filter and drain
  • Leave the complex tasks to professionals

When in doubt, you know who to call.

AC Experts to the Rescue

Getting help from air conditioning professionals can help you enjoy the Spring season without worrying about the threat of warmer than average conditions.

Not only does it protect your AC from early deterioration but also provide an efficient amount of comfort that your family needs. When planning to meet with a prospective AC specialist, it’s good to ask for updated police checks and certifications for your safety and peace of mind.

Hiring an AC expert through HIREtrades can help minimise air conditioning repair and bring out the best in your existing unit. Make sure to have your air conditioner spring-ready! To find and hire Air Conditioning Service & Maintenance Experts in Australia’s Capital Cities, click below:

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