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Why window air conditioner is the best option for rental apartments?

Keeping your home cool and comfortable is one of the top priorities of every homeowner. This is the reason an air conditioner becomes a necessity for every property.

Unfortunately for rental apartments, an air conditioner is not commonly included. If you are planning to buy one, one of the most recommended (by tenants and landlords) options is the window air conditioner.

A window air conditioner is another type of air conditioner that is installed in an open window. Most landlords approve of a window air conditioner mainly because it doesn’t require too much installation work, unlike other air conditioners. This will minimise the possibility of damaging the interiors of the apartment. Tenants recommend this because of its portability and low up-front fees.

What are the features of a window air conditioner?

The features that you must look at when shopping for a window air conditioner are operation controls, fan speed, timer, and filter type.

  • Operation controls

In a window air conditioner, there are 2 operation controls offered. The first one is a thermostat. The thermostat will allow you to control the window air conditioner output temperature. The common design of a thermostat is a dial that you can rotate to change the temperature level. But if you buy the newer or high-end models, its’ thermostat has a digital design. If in the traditional thermostat, you can choose a temperature setting from 1 to 7. In a digital thermostat, you can choose a specific temperature degree.

The other operation control is the remote. The remote control of window air conditioner can control the fan speed and temperature.

  • Adjustable Fan Speed

Window air conditioners have adjustable fan speeds. You can set it from low, medium and high. Most of the newer models of window air conditioners contain all these options for fan speed.

  • Programmable Timer

The air conditioner is one of the electronic devices at home that people forget to turn off every morning. But this won’t be an issue with window air conditioners because it has a programmable timer. You can set the exact hour when it will start and end. The time format can either be in 12 or 24-format.

A timer is not an exclusive feature of the window air conditioner. But this is still helpful because it only means that this type of air conditioner is great for saving energy.

  • Filter Type

A window air conditioner works by sucking hot air from the surroundings, processing it and blowing out the cold air. There are times that particles are get sucked in as well and ruin the window air conditioner machine. But this will not be a problem with window air conditioner because it has a filter that can protect it from large particles.

There are two types of filters: one is the standard filter which needs to be replaced every 3 weeks if you suffer from allergies. But if you don’t, you can replace it every 30 days (minimum) or 60 days (maximum). The last one is the washable filter. This is a much durable type of filter that can be washed and used multiple times. The recommended length of used per filter is 60 days (minimum) or 90 (days).

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What is the best brand of window air conditioner?

This is one of the hardest questions to answer because each brand has their own unique advantages. The best way to determine the best window air conditioner brand for you is by looking for a specific purpose. If you are looking for a quieter operation, Frigidaire Gallery is one of the best options.

Frigidaire Gallery is suitable for apartments with a maximum size of 350 square metres. This is considered as the quietest because it only produces noise at 44 decibels. Its other features include the following:

  • It has an energy saver mode
  • Include 3 fan speeds
  • It has easy to clean mesh filter
  • It has a remote control
  • It has 4-way air louvres which help to provide flexibility in cooling

If you are looking for the best smart window air conditioner, LG Dual Inverter Smart Window Air Conditioner is one of the best options to consider. This window air conditioner is suitable for apartments with sizes from 800 to 1,000+ square metre. This becomes the best option because it offers the following features:

  • It has a modern design – slim and smooth flowing curve on its sid
  • It has an energy display mode on top of the ON button
  • It has a dual protection filter that can capture bacteria or dust with a size over 10㎛
  • It has a complete auto cleaning function

If you have a limited budget, don’t worry! There are tons of budget-friendly window air conditioner that you can consider and one of it is the hOmeLabs window air conditioner. This window air conditioner is suitable for small-sized apartments – around 150 square metres. Though it may seem basic and cheap, the quality of comfort it provides is still effective. The features it includes are the following:

  • It has a reusable anti-bacterial filter that can be easily washed and removed.
  • The unit can tilt up to 3 degrees
  • The installation process is easy
  • It has 7 temperature settings and mechanical rotary controls

Note: If you install this in your apartment make sure to place it in a shady part of the house and not under direct sunlight to prevent malfunction.

Interested in installing a window air conditioner in your apartment? It’s indeed a good investment but before you install one, you must consult your landlord first. This way you will know the rules and regulations that you must follow as a tenant and the scope of your responsibility (repairs and maintenance).

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