5 Tree Surgery Facts

Trees are a wonderful element to have around the home. But there are instances that trees become hindrances. When this happens, tree surgery becomes one of the viable solutions.

Before you call the nearest tree surgeon in your area, it’s wise to learn a few tree surgery facts. Not just any tree surgery facts, but the fact that a tree removal company often does not explain extensively or say during the first meeting.

5 Tree Surgery Facts

1. Tree roots can grow up to a hundred feet deeper

Once the tree removal process is done, some people thought that the job of a tree removal company will become much simpler since they will only deal with the stump. Though, this can be true for a small tree with a diameter of 15cm or less. But certainly not for a bigger stump.

The roots of the tree can grow up to a hundred feet deeper. If this happens, the roots already crawl down the pipes and other utility lines nearby making it hard for the tree removal company to work on it.

As a homeowner, the best way you can do to make this easier is by contacting a trusted plumber or electrician. The other tradies will inspect the whole area surrounding the stump and mark the utility lines location. This will help the tree removal company to plan their next action.

Tips: To avoid encountering the same problem, it’s best to choose a tree to plant that doesn’t grow fast and large (both for the tree and roots). A good example of this tree is eucalypts, fig, and Lilly Pilly.

2. Climbing spurs are only used for tree removal

Climbing spurs are common footwear used by many tree surgeon. It helped them to easily move to the direction (around the tree) they wanted to work on. But even it is helpful, you should always remember that the climbing spurs are only allowed in tree removal and other instances, such as:

  • The tree is decaying;
  • The tree is included in the removal application that the local council approved;
  • There is no EWP available to lift you from branches that are 50 feet high, or above.

There are some tree surgeons that uses climbing spurs when working for regular jobs like pruning. This is a bad practice. Spurs can do more harm than good to a healthy living tree. Once the spurs hit the tree’s exterior, it would end up creating a hole on it.

The hole can become an easy entryway for insects or wood-decaying organisms. Whichever of the two lives on the tree, the result will be the same – weakening the tree and later on will kill it. Not only that, since the climbing is commonly used for a dead tree, there’s a possibility for the climbing spurs to transfer the diseases it got from other trees to the homeowner’s tree.

So if you see the tree surgeon wearing one and the job is only for trimming, stop them immediately and find a much reliable tree surgeon.

3. DIY burning the tree stump is not recommended

DIY projects or hacks are very popular in the past years. For tree surgery, one of the hacks that arise is burning the stump. Even there is a series of precautionary measures included on the hacks, this hack is NOT a must-try and there are two reasons why: it contains safety and health hazards, and burning off vegetation is not legal in all States.

But if you already set your mind in doing it, it’s recommended to consult your local councils first to ensure your location is outside the fire danger period.

4. Request a copy of the tree removal company insurance

In hiring a tree removal company, the common advice property owners get is to ask for their insurance. Not just the act of asking, but request a copy of both.

The process of tree surgery is prone to accidents that may lead to damaging the property or injuring the tree surgeon. When this unfortunate incident happens, the copies of insurance will be your proof that the company will cover any damages made by their tree surgeon and you will not be liable when their tree surgeon acquire injuries.

The details that you need to check on the certificate of their insurance is policy number and limits.

5. Good deals are offered during off-season

With today’s high market price, it’s only reasonable for everyone to be smart on spending. For tree surgery, the best way you can get a good deal is to schedule it during the off-season. Simply because most of the people are too lazy to get out of the house due to the cold of winter, or too busy preparing for the holidays. So, the demand of needs for tree surgeon is very low.

Winter or holiday season is just a few of the best time to do this. But be aware that this is only applicable for non-emergency or not time sensitive type of jobs.

The process of finding the most trusted and qualified tree surgeon isn’t easy. But the hardship can be lightened by knowing the right information to look at. The 5 tree surgery facts mentioned above are just some of the must-know information before calling a tree removal company.

If you want to know more, you can always search for more tree surgery facts online from people who went through with the same problem as yours. Or, you can also seek a recommendation from your family, friends or neighbours.

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