How much does an arborist cost?

Arborists charge their clients an average hourly cost of $26.15. But the arborist cost may still change (may increase or decrease) depending on their experience level, the job, and the degree of complexity.

Arborist Experience

Experience always has an influence on the arborist cost as this reflects on the years they invest in training, studying, and passing all the certifications required. This makes them more reliable and effective in performing both minor and complex tree jobs.

The number of years (experience) is the primary basis to determine the exact amount the arborist can charge their clients. Here’s a simple breakdown of the arborist cost per number of years of experience:

  • 0 to 5 years of experience: Arborist may charge their clients between $19.58 up to $31.04 per hour.
  • 5 to 10 years of experience: Arborist may charge their clients between $20.16 up to $34.84 per hour.
  • 10 years and above of experience: Arborist may charge their clients between $25 up to $46.52 per hour.

Arborist Jobs

The arborist can do a wide range of jobs – from routine trimming, preserving native trees up to saving a dying tree. Other jobs that arborists can perform are the following:

  • Stump grinding
  • Tree Felling
  • Tree Lopping
  • Tree care and management
  • Tree consultation and reports
  • Tree risk assessment
  • Complete routine activities
  • Tree and stumps removal
  • Tree Maintenance
  • Transplanting
  • Line Clearance
  • Post-Disaster Clearing
  • Tree planning and design and selection

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For most of the jobs, the overall cost of arborist can only be determined once they finished conducting the required assessment. They typically based it on the tree’s type, location, accessibility, number of trees involved, and its condition.

However, for stump grinding, the arborist cost may range from $45 up to $800. The basis for this cost is the stump’s diameter in cm.

The complexity of the problem

The complexity of the problem has the biggest part of the arborist cost. There are certain tree problems that the local council will give an additional requirement to the arborist. Few of these requirements are acquiring a permit, creating a tree report, and/or using special equipment.


The type of permit to acquire and its cost varies depending on the location (State) where the tree grows. But mostly, the permit is required for vegetation and tree removal of regulated trees and native trees.

Creating the tree report

The cost of arborist for tree report starts at $300 for a single tree. If you are hiring an arborist for a tree report, make sure to only find an AQF level 5 arborist or higher. This is the required qualification given by the local council.

Special Equipment Required

The cost of arborist equipment will also be charged per hour. Here’s few of the common equipment that arborists might use:

  • Truck hoists – The cost starts at $170 per hour.
  • Stump grinder – There is two cost for stump grinder, one for smaller machines and the other for larger ones. The costs that may charge on you are $170 and $276, respectively.
  • Crane – The cost may range from $200 up to $660.

The cost will always be a big factor when hiring an arborist. It is understandable, but everyone should remember that the priority must always focus on the tree itself.

Featured Photo Courtesy of TS Eriksson via Wikimedia Commons

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