How To Find The Best Tree Surgeon Services

Finding the best tree surgeon services is not as hard as you think. As long as you carefully define the characteristics of a good arborist business, it can help you make the right decision.

You’ll know a tradie is worth-hiring if he has distinct qualities that stand above the competition. Here are some aspects to check when looking for prospective tree surgeon services that you can choose from.

1. Do they hold certifications?

Licence permits for businesses are more than a requirement. For arborists and tree surgeons, it’s not a prerequisite to carry a licence to undertake tree works. However, certificates are important to help guarantee success for each tree-related task.

Here’s a list of necessary certifications to help you weigh their competency:

  • Certificates I, II & III – Horticulture (Arboriculture)
  • Level I & II – Chainsaw Operation/Wood Chipper Operation
  • Qualified Tree Risk Assessment
  • Construction White Card
  • Chainsaw Operators Ticket

Other skills they may acquire are Electrical Awareness & Competency, Aerial Rescue, First Aid Resuscitation and many others.

By just looking at these qualifications, you can have an overview of their credibility. Your prospective business may be one of those tree surgeon services that produce quality results. So always ask for a copy of certificates to verify the validity of their credentials.

2. Do they adhere to health and safety practices?

Certificates play a big part in the selection process. But if a tree surgeon business overlooks the importance of health and safety standards, cross it out on the list. Reputable arborists and tree surgeons know how safety is a priority for any given scenario.

For instance, if you’re planning to have your tree in the facade removed or crown thinned, they guarantee risk-free process. That means your property and its surrounding areas should be kept from damage before and after the procedure.

Likewise, a reliable tree service business promises to give practical advice if you plan to plant a tree. A good arborist will provide consultations without setting aside your health and safety concerns. Not only will it benefit the overall outlook of your property, but also your wellbeing.

3. Do they have insurance?

As you narrow down your options, consider the type of arborist insurance they hold. Make sure it is valid and appropriate. Failure to verify insurance amplifies the possibility of spending a fortune.

When unexpected situations occur (e.g. vehicle or driveway damage), it’s good that your hired tradie is fully insured. This helps to cover the required damage (or injury) expenses without shelling out money from your pocket.

The best tree surgeon services have more than one insurance. Whether it’s personal or business package, let them show evidence to give you peace of mind.

4. Do they give detailed quotes?

Tree service businesses that present unreasonable costs are a red flag. Some overcharge their clients and provide vague cost breakdown when asking for quotations.

So as you do your research, it’s best to consult other companies that provide tree surgeon services. Does the pricing range of your prospective business align with the other? Underpriced service might let you save a bunch, but for quality sake, consider the not-so-costly-but-not-so-cheap fee.

Asking for feedback from previous clients is also essential to make the right pick.

Will you be granted with a free tree removal service?

Getting a free tree removal service is possible. One reason is some trees are part of a local community or a higher authority. For instance, if a company sees the need to remove a tree near your property, the service can be free of charge. If its existence hinders the objective of the business, they are more likely to invest in tree surgeon services.

Another scenario is when a particular tree poses safety hazards. If, for example, a tree is entangled in electric cables or sewage lines, that’s when the remotion process takes place. Most power line companies often affiliate with tree surgeons to resolve urgent concerns.

Likewise, you can obtain a free tree removal service if a neighbour or a business is in need of wood supply. Setting up an agreement to give your tree in exchange for their service is an option.

Before hiring, it’s best to confirm these cases with your local council to save you money. However, if the tree requires immediate removal, it’s always good to resort to safer options.

Never Settle For Less

Along with those qualifications, work experience is a vital measure of their professionalism. If you want good results with less harm and hassle, don’t jump the gun. Not only will your property be at stake when you make wrong choices, but also your convenience and safety.

Tree works are risky, so they have to be seriously dealt with by a pro. More importantly, they are loyal adherents of the Australian Standards.

Featured Photo Courtesy of Creative Commons CC0 via Pxhere

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