5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Tree Surgery Companies

Does your tree grow so tall that it starts to block your view? For these kind of problems, homeowners are torn between fixing it themselves or hiring a professional.

Though everyone has an inner handyman skill, it isn’t enough to perform tall tree surgery.

To understand it better, here are 5 reasons why everyone should rather invest in tree surgery companies than DIY.

1. They have insurance

Companies understand that accidents are inevitable, particularly in the process of tall tree surgery. Those accidents may lead to damaging the clients’ property. To prevent this from happening, and future disputes, most companies have insurance.

The insurance will serve as protection for both their tree surgeon (getting injured while working) and clients (their employee causes damage to the property).

2. They strictly follow health and safety guidelines

There are tons of health and safety risks involved in the process of tall tree surgery; particularly if it is not performed properly. This is the reason it’s wise to let the professionals do the job because they strictly follow the process and safety regulations mandated by the local council.

Rest assured that the tree surgeon will take care of everything; while maintaining the safety of your family and property.

3. They guarantee great quality of work

The main advantage of hiring a professional over DIY tall tree surgery is the quality of work. With DIY, homeowners may experience some setbacks because they are not familiar with the process or the tools.

But with a professional tree surgeon, they will handle every tree with extreme care. This includes, but not limited to, the following:

  • The proper treatment for each type of trees
  • Identify diseases and its’ current stage
  • Know the right area of the property where to grow plants or trees according to the location’s weather and season
  • Analyse the soil type and determine all the best types of plants or trees to plant and grow

4. They know the right permit to acquire

There are some States that require a permit before they could allow the homeowners to perform tall tree surgery. Take Victoria, for example, the homeowners will only be required to get a permit if they fall on any of the following conditions:

  • The property has an existing planning permit. This is applicable to both owned property and for rental.
  • The property is protected by either a landscape overlay or heritage overlay.
  • The property is protected by the Vegetation Protection Overlay (VPO3)

With the help of a professional tree surgeon, homeowners will easily determine the right permit application to submit and walk them through the entire process.

5. They offer emergency services

Not all tall tree surgery can be carried out. There are times that a strong wind can knocks down the tree in your property and block the entryway. Or worse, it falls on the roof. This can be stressful, particularly if it happens in the middle of the night.

To prevent this from happening, it’s wise to choose a tree surgery company that offers on-call or emergency services.

How much does tree removal cost per tree?

Upon learning the good reasons to invest in a trusted tree surgeon, the next question of most people is how much do they need to invest in it.

The overall tree removal cost per tree will vary depending on its type, size and height, and location accessibility.

Tree Type

Not all trees are equal. There are types of trees that require more preparation or need a permit before removing. This is the reason why most tree surgeons ask the type of trees during their first meeting with the homeowners.

Bonus tips: Condition of the tree (dead or fallen) is worth noting as well to tree surgeons. This will help them to figure out if there’s a need for additional work.

Size and Height

The size and height are one of the factors that have a huge impact on the overall tree removal cost per tree. In general, the cost is much lower and affordable for a thinner and shorter tree. The cost will start to increase as the size become thicker and the height got taller.

To give you a clear idea, here’s a list of the tree removal cost per tree size and height:

  • Small-sized trees
    • Gum trees can cost $650
    • Palm trees can cost around $225
    • Fallen trees can cost $500 or less (with 9m or less in height)
    • For dead trees, you may expect to spend around $400
    • Other tree types may cost from 150 up to 850 (3m and above)
  • Medium-sized trees
    • Gum trees that are 2-stories tall can cost between the range of $1,000 up to $1,500
    • Palm trees may expect to spend around $300
    • Fallen trees can cost $600
    • Other tree types can range between $200 up to $1,000
  • Large-sized trees
    • For skinny gum trees that have 3 to 4-stories tall can cost $1,800 and above
    • For thicker gum trees, the removal will cost around $2,500 and above
    • Pine trees are known for growing with large branches and spreads. For this reason, you may expect to spend $750 up to $3,000
    • Fallen trees can cost up to $1,000 (20m)
    • For dead trees, you may expect to spend up to $7,000
    • Other tree types (including dead tree) can range between $1,000 up to $4,000

*Important Note: The cost indicated above are only for removal services.*

Location Accessibility

The location accessibility is very important because this determines how smooth the process of removal will be. The working area must pass the following requirement:

  • The working area must be accessible for the tree surgeon vehicle and equipment.
  • The tree for removal must be away from the house, utility lines and other infrastructure (e.g. neighbour’s house and swimming pool).
  • The working area must be clean and free from obstacles (e.g. garden beds, outdoor furniture)

If these requirements are not met, the tasks listed may add 25% to 50% (approximately) to the overall tree removal cost per tree.

Featured Photo Courtesy of 1771391 via Pixabay 

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