Only Hire A Qualified Arborist

If a tree in your front yard begins to show signs of decay or you think the branches need some trimming, hiring a qualified arborist is sure to solve the problem.

A qualified arborist specialises in tree care and maintenance such as tree pruning and stump removal. With vast knowledge about various types of trees, experienced arborists are adept at identifying the tree’s specific needs and issues.

Why should you hire a qualified arborist?

Your safety should be your top concern. Like with other tradies, hiring inexperienced arborists won’t guarantee quality results. Amateur arborists can work on some basic tree jobs. But for cases that are a bit complicated such as removing a tree, choosing someone who has remarkable years of experience is your priority.

One important aspect to verify during the consultation is insurance. Any type of work related to caring for trees presents a dangerous process. Do your prospective arborists carry insurance? Public liability insurance is the most common.

Whether the arborist is working individually or under a business, it’s worth checking if he is fully insured. This keeps you from shouldering unexpected financial obligations when accidents take place.

Tree maintenance services that only a qualified arborist should carry out:

  • Stump removal. Arborists have deep knowledge of root systems. If you want that tree stump on your back yard to be removed, qualified arborists can carry out the job with ease and safety.
  • Tree consulting. Homeowners can get to consult a good arborist if they plan to plant a tree within their property. Questions related to what type of trees to grow, the perfect location to plant and the ideal time for tree growth can be answered by a professional arborist.
  • Tree pruning. Lack of sunlight and aeration are a few reasons why trees require serious pruning. Hiring a qualified arborist can professionally climb a tree and implement the required procedure.
  • Tree removal. Removing a tree is as challenging as lopping off a tree. Well-trained arborists use highly specialised equipment and machinery to execute the process. Tree remotion is done without causing damage in the surrounding areas.
  • Tree surgery. Qualified arborists provide effective treatment for decaying or diseased trees. Although tree surgeons are more expert in this task, an arborist with proper training and experience can implement the procedure.

Make sure the qualified arborist you are hiring fulfils the following responsibilities:

  • Recommends what types of trees are ideal in a specific area and lessens the possibility of property damage
  • Makes sure the roots are properly aerated (root growth)
  • Provides detailed analysis of the tree’s condition and come up with medical treatment
  • Coordinates with your local council before commencing the work
  • Keeps up-to-date with the latest practice related to tree care and maintenance

As you choose from your prospective tradies, it’s important that you ask for a copy of certifications. This is to ensure that they are fit and qualified to perform the job. The core requirement for tradies like arborists is the Australian Qualifying Framework (AQF).

Whether you’re looking to hire a working arborist (field work) or a consulting arborist (consultant), it’s best to know your objective. Do you need to have your tree crown thinned for aesthetic and health purposes? Is your local council requiring an arborist report to determine the status of your tree?

Working arborists are expected to acquire an AQF Level 3 (or Arboriculture) certification, while consultants should carry an AQF Level 5 pre-requisite.

Important: Get familiarised with your state’s specific rules and practices to help you in picking the right person for the job.

Go for tradies that you can trust. Before hiring, make sure the arborist follows the Australian Standards and adheres to health and safety regulations. Better be safe than sorry.

Featured Photo Courtesy of pb826 via Pixabay

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