The Required Tools For A Tree Cutter

The tools are just as important as skills and knowledge. Without it, tradies wouldn’t be able to perform the job properly.

For a tree cutter person, most of the required tools to use can cause harm to the user. This is the reason professional tree cutters are not advising homeowners to do the cutting of their trees themselves.

What are the required tools for a tree cutter person?

The tree surgeon tools and equipment are divided according to their purpose – protection, climbing, cutting, and others.

Protective Equipment

Safety is always the first priority of tree cutters. Not only for themselves, but for the property and homeowners as well. With this reason, Australia sets standard protective equipment and uniform for tree cutters.

Here is a list of protective equipment that tree cutters are required to use:

  • Protective barriers are installed after the tree cutter person perform the risk assessment, or start using heavy machinery. This will guarantee that no pedestrian can come near the working area and heavy machinery like a stump grinder.
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE) is designed to protect the tradies against safety and health hazards. The PPE assigned for tree cutters is safety eyewear, earplugs, helmet, cut resistant chainsaw gloves and leg protection, boots, and reflective clothing.

The tree cutters must add insulating gloves, fire-retardant long sleeve clothing, and non-slip safety boots when working near electrical lines.

Climbing Tools

Climbing is a standard task for accessing tall trees. For a tree cutter person to safely climb up, they must use the proper climbing equipment.

The common tools used for climbing is a ladder. But due to the safety risks that may carry out, tree cutters are not allowed to use the ladder for tree trimming and removal tasks.

To ensure safety, Australian Standard indicates the proper climbing equipment to use and it can include the following:

  • Ascenders, descenders and rope grabs
  • Harness
  • Karabiners, and snap hooks
  • Lanyards
  • Pulleys
  • Rope
  • Spikes

There are some instances that these climbing equipment are unsafe to use for a certain condition of the tree. For this reason, tree cutters will need to use another method like using elevating work platform (EWP).

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Cutting Tools

The most common hand tools for a tree cutter person is a chainsaw. Using it will make the cutting process faster and easier. But since the chainsaw is a powerful tree surgeon tool, it can carry out significant safety risks.

With this reason, local councils include the instructions on how to use it properly and safety requirements that must be applied while performing the job. A chainsaw has two types that you can use, gas and electric-powered chainsaw.

Aside from a chainsaw, another tool for cutting trees is an ax. The effectiveness of an ax in cutting trees is the same as the chainsaw. Its’ only difference is it requires more strength to work on.

It’s not always necessary to use a chainsaw or an ax. The best tree surgeon tools to use for certain job conditions are any of the following:

  • Bow Saw
  • Pole Saw
  • Pruning Saw
  • Crosscut Saw

Not all tree surgeon tools are dangerous to use. There are few hand tools that even homeowners can own. These type of hand tools are the following:

  • Pruning Shears – Use in cutting seedling trees, small branches, and root sprouts.
  • Pruning Loppers – Use whenever you need to work on areas with narrow spaces.
  • Long Reach Tree Pruner – This is a handy tool if a ladder is not available.

Other Tools

After the cutting task has been completed, what’s next? The tree cutter person will ensure that the working area is clean and safe for everyone again. For this task, they will need powerful tools such as wood chippers and stump grinders.

Wood chippers are effective to remove all the tree waste left on the ground such as tree branches and limbs. While a stump grinder is a tool that can easily remove tree stumps by grinding it using a rotating cutting disc.

These two tree surgeon tools are both powerful. Only an experienced tree cutter person can use these tools.

The purpose of cutting trees don’t only lie on human safety, but also for the trees’ benefits. Cutting the diseased parts of the tree will prevent the disease to spread out from the tree. Also, it will help the tree to build a stronger structure which is beneficial to withstand natural elements.

To ensure you will hire the best tree cutter person for the job, you need to find out if they follow within the Australian Standards. Few of these standards are the following:

  • Occupational protective helmets (AS/NZS 1891)
  • Acoustics – Hearing protectors (AS/NZS 1270)
  • Occupational protective footwear – Guide to selection, care, and use (AS/NZS 2210.1) | page 58
  • Protective clothing for users of hand-held chainsaws – Protective legwear (AS/NZS 4453.3)
  • High visibility safety garments (AS/NZS 4602.1)
  • Chainsaw operator’s manual
  • Chainsaw operator’s manual and Chainsaws – Guide to safe working practices (AS 2727).
  • Chainsaws – Safety requirements – Chainsaws for general use (AS 2726.1)
  • Chainsaws – Safety requirements – Chainsaws for tree service (AS 2726.2)

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