Tree Surgery Costs for 2019

The key to easily determine tree surgery costs is by breaking down the factors that have a huge impact on its overall cost.

Here’s a simple breakdown of the factors accompanied by their respective cost of tree surgery this 2019:

1. Services Offered


The assessments that are included in the tree surgeon’s consultation are visual tree assessment (VTA) and resistograph.

The VTA is performed to help them identify the tree health conditions, life expectancy, and the potential impact of different treatment on the tree.

But for trees that have a serious disease, resistograph will be required to use to help tree surgeons to determine the correct course of treatment. Resistograph is an electronic instrument that uses to measure and record the stability and longevity of the tree, then printed the summary after.

Tree surgeon’s consultation is commonly included on the availed service. But there are numerous circumstances that the property owners will only need the consultation service.

For this circumstance, the tree surgeon can either offer an hourly or fixed rate. The average hourly rate of tree surgeons may range from $24.83 up to $30.41. While for the fixed rate, the basis will focus on the number of trees and its size.

Tree Removal

Tree surgeons charge their clients differently for their tree removal service. Some offered bulk costs that may start from $300 up to $10,000. While others based their cost per type of the trees:

Tree Removal Cost

The basis of the tree surgeon for their tree removal cost (per tree type) is the tree’s growth characteristics. The bigger the tree, the higher it will cost. For other tree types, the cost may range from $100 up to $4,000.

Tree Felling

For everyone living on a farm or countryside, the best method to cut the tree (from its base) is tree felling. The tree surgery costs for tree felling may range from $150 up to $3,000.

Since the job contains safety hazards, both for the property owner and tree surgeon, they must strictly follow safety guidelines.

Stump Grinding

After the tree has been successfully removed, the property owners sometimes agree to remove the stumps as well. A tree surgeon can do this by performing stump grinding. The tree surgery costs for stump grinding may range from $60 up to $450 (hardwood).

The cost may still decrease depending on the type of the tree, around $75 up to $140.

Tree Pruning

Tree surgery isn’t all about removing an entire tree. Sometimes, the property owners just want to reduce the height of the tree or its foliages for specific reasons. For this demand, the tree surgeon will cut the branches in accordance with the proper techniques of pruning.

The tree surgery costs for pruning is based on the techniques used in the job and the tree size:

  • Crown lifting cost may start from $150 (smaller-sized trees) up to $700 (larger-sized trees) per tree.
  • Crown thinning cost may start from $600 up to $2,000 per tree. Some tree surgeons charge this service per hour. The cost may range from $45 to $70 per group of 3 to 5 trees.
  • Pollarding cost may start from $100 up to $850 per tree.
  • Deadwood removal cost may start from $150 up to $1,500 per tree.
  • Line clearance cost is similar to the concept of consultation, its cost is already included on the service availed. But if the tree surgeon is charging per hour, the cost may start from $22.63 up to $30.41 (according to Payscale).

*Important Note: The height of the smaller trees mentioned above is 5m or shorter, while for the larger ones starts at 10m. Except for the crown thinning, the height of the smaller trees limits at 8m or shorter, while for larger trees starts at higher than 8m.

Also, the tree pruning must always comply in accordance with Australian Standard AS 4373.*

2. Conditions

The tree’s condition is very important for the tree surgeon because this will be their basis for the plan, possible treatment to apply, and equipment to use.

The first thing tree surgeons will look at is the history of the tree. This includes the previous work, care, and maintenance that has been performed or done on the trees involved. The result of this assessment will help the tree surgeon determine if the trees can withstand all the potential treatment or work they are about to apply.

Other conditions that tree surgeons will consider are the tree structure and health.

  • Tree structure

Trees grow differently. Some grow in a perfectly upright position, but there are some grows in a lean structure. Leaning slightly is acceptable. But if it leans too much, it can be dangerous especially if the tree is not as strong as an oak tree. It can easily break.

  • Health

This part of the assessment will help the tree surgeon determine the overall structural integrity of the tree. This assessment’s goal is to locate the weaker parts of the tree and determine if it has a wood-decaying disease, with pest infestation, or dead.

The cost of tree surgery may lower down or increase depending on the complexity and scope of work needed to address all the trees’ problem.

3. Accessibility

Last on the factors to consider is the location of the working area. This is important for the tree surgeon because this will dictate the required tools and equipment they need to use on the job.

The tree surgery costs will only be affected if the working area fits the following condition:

  • The working area is not accessible to the tree surgeons’ equipment and vehicle;
  • The tree involved is in the middle of power lines, fence or neighbour’s property;
  • The tree involved is surrounded by healthy trees.

Typically, the front yard doesn’t have additional tree surgery costs because it is easier to access unlike with the backyard. This means that the tree surgeon will no longer be required to use other types of heavy machinery.

4. The thickness of the tree

Determining the thickness of the tree (in diameter) is one of the methods that can confirm the complexity of tree surgery. In general, the thicker the tree is in diameter, the more time it will take time to remove.

For this type of tree, the tree surgeon normally charges the property owner by hourly rate ($24.83 up to $30.41).

In today’s market, the cost of tree surgery can range from a hundred up to thousands of dollars. To ensure you will never overspend and receive the right help you need, find a trusted tree surgeon that can walk you through every step of the way.

*Important Note: The cost of tree surgery services mentioned above may still change depending on the tree surgeon’s experience level and the State where the property owners reside in.*

Featured Photo Courtesy of sandid via Pixabay

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