Uprooted Tree Removal 101

Trees uprooted by strong winds or megastorms pose serious threats to your property and its surrounding areas. When that happens, asking a qualified tree surgeon to carry out uprooted tree removal jobs is necessary.

Rooting out or removing a tree without professional assistance can be risky. You may perform such procedure with the help of your neighbours or close friends, but it won’t be a safe option. Doing the uprooted tree removal can possibly get you into acquiring wounds or injuries.

Why are some trees uprooted?

Some tree experts say that other trees fall during storms due to a widely known phenomenon called windthrow. In forestry, windthrow or blowdown occurs when strong winds put forces on the tree trunk and its roots.

This event causes the tree to break down and may leave significant damage to structures and vehicles. Moreover, taller trees often fail to thrive in such weather conditions.

Shallow soil and past injuries are also a few reasons why some trees face this dilemma.

How do tree surgeons perform uprooted tree removal?

The ability to carry out tree removal jobs is one of the most important skills of tree surgeons. It is also one of the most hazardous procedures. In the case of uprooted trees, experienced tree surgeons need to ensure that these trees receive proper care and medication.

Here are a few ways they do to execute the uprooted tree removal process:

  1. Initially, qualified arborists and tree surgeons check the condition of the tree along with its parts (root systems, trunk, etc).
  2. If the uprooted tree can be salvaged, they make sure to transfer it to another ground or location.
  3. For trees that rarely survive, tree surgeons cut them piece by piece (e.g. trunk) before a crane or any lifting equipment carries the lopped parts.

Armed with the right equipment such as high-grade chainsaws and heavy-duty ropes, they can execute the remotion process well.

The most common power tools and equipment needed for tree removal jobs include:

  • Chain saws
  • Mini Skid Steers (to lift heavy logs and branches)
  • Crane Truck (tons of logs – up to 7 tons)
  • Tractor

Owning an uprooted tree somehow costs you especially if it causes damages to other properties. If in case you get involved with such situations, understand that you are liable for the overall expenses. You may also confirm it with your local council to make necessary actions.

Remove And Replant

If you see the need to uproot a particular tree, you can always visit and ask the local government for advice. Doing so also enables you to know if that is something that you own. Sometimes they may recommend a pool of tree professionals to help you with the overall process.

Tree service experts can also easily determine if a particular uprooted tree needs further treatment for restoration or not. While some trees are amenable for replanting, others are not.

For instance, few large trees often survive due to weakened root systems. So they make sure that each tree is carefully examined to know if tree transplant and post-replanting care are needed.

Important: Tree removal jobs are for tree experts, and not for DIY enthusiasts. Even if it’s a simple cutting procedure, it’s always wise to hire a qualified tree specialist for the job.

Fallen trees may be easier to remove but unexpected fall may have caused larger damage.

You can be sure that they prioritise your safety and the property surrounding the trees that require removal. Since the job demands a high degree of care and precision, they constantly dive into extensive training.

Featured Photo Courtesy of Arlington County via flickr

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