What is a tree surgeon?

A tree surgeon is someone responsible for taking care of trees and providing proper maintenance to them. Certified tree surgeons perform rigorous tree works such as pruning, crown lifting and bracing branches. They make sure that old or deceased trees receive the best treatment procedures. Moreover, tree surgeons take the most physically tiring jobs compared with arborists.

When do you need a tree surgeon?

If a tree within your area is getting in the way of your routine, it may be high time to call a tree surgeon. Well-trained surgeons are like expert paramedics that provide instant medication to ill-fitted trees.

Likewise, if a particular tree near you has been uprooted by the storm, an experienced tree surgeon will carefully remove the tree for you. Trees leaning towards your house is another scenario that requires the help of a tree surgery professional.

What should you look for a tree surgeon?

If there is one thing that should influence your choice of tradie, that is work experience. Someone who has just started to venture out in the field may not be the best option.

Although formal education is not a requirement for tree surgeons, serious training is essential.

A tree surgeon should:

  • At least, be part of industry organisations for increased knowledge and accountability
  • Be adept at using power tools or equipment (e.g. chainsaw, pole saws) required for the job
  • Be keen when carrying out specific tasks (e.g. crown thinning, tree felling)
  • Strictly adhere to Workplace Health and Safety standards and ensure the safety of the surrounding property
  • Wear proper protective clothing (e.g. gloves, sturdy shoes, hard hats, eye protection)

It’s important that you carefully filter out your options when choosing the best tree surgeon in your area. Make sure the tradie is willing to let you check certain credentials (certificates of training, etc) and get feedback from past clients.

That way, you can be sure that you get the benefit of having a trusted tree surgeon.

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