What is tree surgery all about?

What is tree surgery?

Tree surgery is a common procedure done when signs of decay become apparent on tree surfaces and all other parts therein. It is the process of studying and managing individual trees for the purpose of prolonging their health and condition. The ultimate goal of tree surgery is to preserve trees (including plants and shrubs) through conducting professional treatments.

Why tree surgery?

Trees play a vital role in people’s welfare and the environment as a whole. They provide oxygen, create natural balance, and improve the quality of air.

Australia houses large tree species in urban places and the outbacks. With a slew of old trees scattered across the country, tree surgery is highly advisable to help them thrive in the ever-changing temperature and environmental challenges.

Who does the work?

A tree surgeon is a specialist tasked to perform treatment procedures from inspection (which requires tree climbing) to a more extensive scope of responsibilities. The actual work includes crown lifting, tree pollarding, felling, hedge cutting and removal of trees when necessary.

Tree surgeons must have the appropriate licence permits and training certificates to carry out the job.

When should tree surgeries be carried out?

When large trees (or gum trees) pose danger to people or residences, a tree removal activity may be required. However, in some areas, trees do not cause obstruction (e.g. electric cables, property development). In this case, an arborist or a tree surgeon may be asked to perform other activities such as trimming and crown thinning. These procedures help the tree to thrive aesthetically and deliberately.

Featured Photo Courtesy of newforester via Pixabay

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