Why your tree surgeon needs arborist insurance?

Unlike an arborist, a tree surgeon may have limitations when performing tree-related tasks. But when it comes to facing the job’s potential risks, they are the same. With this reason, tree surgeons are advised to get arborist insurance as well.

With all the insurances available for tree surgeons, arborist insurance is the most recommended option because it offers optimum protection.

Optimum Protection

The main purpose of having insurance is to protect the policy holder’s greatest asset. For tree surgeons, the primary asset they must protect is life – both theirs and clients. Next is their tools and equipment, client’s property and more.


This is a good advantage of arborist insurance, it covers all the liability risks that a tree surgeon may face during the job. Each liability risk has its own designed insurance policy, making it more reliable in providing optimum protection for the tree surgeon.

Few of the most important insurance policy that a tree surgeon may avail is described as follows:

Public liability insurance

This type of arborist insurance is the basic insurance policy offered to tree surgeons. It covers the cost of any claim that involves bodily injury or damage to the client’s property due to the tree surgeon’s negligence when performing certain jobs.

Few of the cost that this arborist insurance can cover is for rehabilitation, repair, replacement, and medical expenses.

Employer’s liability insurance

There are tree-related tasks that require 3 or more tradies for it to be completed. So, it is understandable for the tree surgeon to hire more people to work on the tree. Though that is an advantage, having more people will only increase the risk of injury.

To ensure you will not be responsible for any work-related accidents resulting in an injury of the tradies, choose a tree surgeon that has an employer’s liability insurance. This type of arborist insurance guarantees to cover all work-related injury and even illnesses.

But if you hire a tree surgeon from a company, you must also check if they have worker’s compensation insurance. This is mandatory insurance, in all States, for companies who have regular employees.

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Professional liability insurance

Tree surgeons’ jobs do not always involve manual labour. There are times that they only provide consultations (e.g. tree care advice or second opinion for an ill tree). Not all tree surgeons are allowed to do consultations. But if they do, they often offered it for jobs like tree removal, pest management, and landscape gardening.

If this is part of the tree surgeon’s services, it’s wise to check if they have professional liability insurance. This type of arborist insurance serves as protection against any liability claims or lawsuit that involves malpractice, misdiagnosis or providing poor advice leading to the client’s loss.

Product liability insurance

There are few tree surgeons that sell their own products that can help maintain the good health of your tree. This is a bit advantageous since some product solutions are difficult to find. Of course, if there’s an advantage there will also be a disadvantage.

The only disadvantage of this is there are times that the products you purchased to the tree surgeon have a negative impact on the tree or client’s health. So, before considering to buy/accept one from your tree surgeon, it’s wise to check if they have product liability insurance.

This is the insurance policy that covers claims for products that causes damage to the tree or bodily injury to clients.

Other arborist insurance type may include coverage for tree surgeon’s vehicle, tools and equipment, and their business, itself.

Aside from the tree surgeon, other tree-related professions that can benefit dearly from arborist insurance are the following:

  • Municipal tree care professionals
  • Hardscaping professionals
  • Landscape gardening professionals
  • Tree trimmers and pruners
  • Tree removal specialists
  • Tree pest management specialists

Peace of mind

This is, by far, the best reason why a tree surgeon needs arborist insurance.

Everyone understands the challenges and stress upon facing unforeseen events that risk the tree surgeon’s and your overall well-being. So, knowing that the tree surgeon you’ve hired is financially secured, keep your mind at peace.

Financial security can easily be obtained by acquiring the right type of arborist insurance that fit the tree surgeon’s needs.
Getting arborist insurance is purely a personal choice of the tree surgeon. But there is some insurance that is required by the States where they reside in. To know if the tree surgeon follows the States requirement, you can visit the Australian Government website and read “Insurance in your state or territory”.



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