12 Perfect Bathroom Design Ideas You Don’t Want to Miss

A good design is crucial to any room or space, but it’s specifically important in bathrooms. Bathroom designs play an essential role in a home’s overall décor.

Above all, a bathroom is a space where we eliminate the stresses of our tiring days. Each element in bathroom designs should serve a purpose to make the space reposeful, efficient, and accessible.

Efficient bathrooms ideas can make a big difference between a space that looks uninviting and a space that looks appealing.

The best bathroom designs are not just those that are visually appealing. Great bathroom designs also speak about the character of its owner. They are extensions of your personality.

You can tell a person’s character by how a bathroom looks. Is that person playful or conservative? Do they put premium on functionality or aesthetics?

Here are some unique yet simple ideas for bathroom designs that can completely transform an old and boring bathroom.

Chic Black Accents

Chic Black Accents

Although grey is a popular colour for simple bathroom designs, black is slowly gaining prominence. Black is an elegant colour, and you can use it to make your bathroom look sophisticated.

The nice thing about this is there is no need for you to completely renovate your bathroom in order to update its look. A few black accent pieces will do the trick nicely.

You can put up light fixtures, vanities, or mirrors with matte black finishes. These are simple bathroom design additions that can contribute greatly towards upgrading the look of your bathroom.

The best thing about these chic black accents is they are affordable. They are proof that not everything that looks classy is expensive.

Vintage Design Comeback

Vintage Design Comeback

Gold fixtures are staging a comeback after years of hiatus. Ironically, unlike modern bathroom fixtures, vintage designs no longer get outdated. When we see vintage fixtures, we automatically think of the word vintage, not obsolete.

Unlike utilitarian polished chrome, brass and gold designs make a bathroom feel warm. Traditional brass/gold toned bathroom fixtures are now available in updated finishes such as matte, spun gold, and matte.

Another benefit of having vintage-designed fixtures is they are easy to maintain. Unlike polished chrome that attracts dirt and fingerprints, Gold fixtures resist fingerprints and easily hides water spots.

Spa-Like Bathroom Design  

Spa-Like Bathroom Design

We all love spas because of the relaxing feeling that they provide to us. Unfortunately, we cannot go to a spa every day. So, why let the spa to you?

This is an excellent home bathroom design idea for those who want to enjoy the luxurious feel of a spa right inside their homes.

One thing that people miss the most about spas is how spas quickly relieve tired and knotted muscles. One way to replicate this sensation is by having your big bathtub.

A large bathtub gives you more room to space to lounge and relax. An hour soaking in a warm bubble bath while enjoying soft music in a candle-lit bathroom will ease all of your body aches away.

Finish off your spa-inspired bathroom with an open shower. Open showers make a bathroom look roomier. It also helps minimise water splashes that can cause accidental falls.

Maximised Bathroom Shelves

Maximised Bathroom Shelves

Whenever people talk about toilet and bathroom designs, they usually talk about baths and showers. However, a simple and economical way to update the look of your bathroom is by tweaking your bathroom shelves.

Maximising your bathroom shelves is more than just a design option; it also helps unclutter your bathroom. Minimalist storage cabinets can help you store away bathroom supplies while making your bathroom look neat.

You can put up a storage space above your bathtub. This is a brilliant way to ensure that you have towels, bath bombs, or scented candles within easy reach while you are enjoying a relaxing bubble bath.

Wet-Room Concept  

Wet-Room Concept

Having a small bathroom does not mean that you can’t come up with innovative bathrooms design ideas. Transforming your bathroom into a wet room is a great way to maximise limited bathroom space.

Do away with your shower cubicle to make your bathroom look spacious. It will also give you more space to move around. Removing the shower curb also helps create a more continuous bathroom space.

You can enlist the help of a bathroom renovation services expert to make your bathroom waterproof. Tiles for the walls and floors will help you contain water. Top it off with a water-resistant vanity, and you’re good to go.

Waterfall Showers  

Waterfall Showers

Taking a refreshing shower under a waterfall is one of those tropical dreams that everybody has. Just imagining the cool, fresh water washing over you can help wash away your stress.

Lucky for you, this doesn’t have to remain a fantasy. All that you have to do is install a waterfall shower, and you can feel like you’re in a tropical paradise every single day.

A luxurious walk-in waterfall shower can is easy to achieve with the use of slate walls or natural stone walls. This can help your shower stand out from the usual rain showerheads that everybody has.

Wood Accents for Cabin Feels  

Wood Accents for Cabin Feels

Designing a bathroom with wood accents is a great idea for those who love log cabins. Wood has a beautiful way of reflecting light, which adds texture to your bathroom.

Wood accents can offer colour and depth. Using wood accents to soften hard ceramic finishes is one of those designer bathroom ideas we can all benefit from.

Having a freestanding tub can help you effortlessly achieve that log cabin feels that you’re aiming for. A freestanding tub will work great if you have a view of your garden while taking a soak.

If you don’t have that coveted garden-view from your bathroom, you can use small potted plants to create your lush little garden for a more relaxing mood. 

Assorted Tile Shapes and Patterns

Assorted Tile Shapes and Patterns

If you’re looking for a bathroom design for home that is whimsical, try decorating your bathroom with assorted tile shapes and patterns.

Modern technology now allows tile manufacturers to come up with unconventional tile shapes and designs. We now see tiles shaped like hexagons, diamond, or Arabesque. Modern tiles now have different textures and exciting new colours.

Using unconventional tiles is one of the new bathroom style ideas that’s quickly getting attention. It allows people to break the monotony of monochromatic bathrooms.

This is one of the best bathroom designs that can help encourage your little ones to have fun while taking a bath or enjoying their bubble bath with their favourite rubber ducky.

State-of-the-Art Underfloor Heating System  

Underfloor heating system

Installing a state-of-the-art underfloor heating system is one of those designer bathroom ideas that you cannot see but makes a world of difference.

If you’re tired of stepping on uncomfortably cold bathroom tiles then an underfloor heating system is what you need. What you have instead is a warm and soothing bathroom floor.

Among new bathroom ideas, this is the best one for those who live in areas with cold climate. Underfloor heating is suitable for all types of floor covering, including concrete, tiles, vinyl, and granite.

Underfloor heating systems also help reduce noise levels so you can enjoy a long soak without getting disturbed by the bark of your neighbour’s dog or incoming traffic.

Raw Concrete Walls  

Raw Concrete Walls

Whenever we think of bathroom ideas, we always think of sprucing up our bathrooms to make it look elegant or fancy. Why not go the other way and go for a no-frills look?

One of the new ideas for bathrooms that’s gaining popularity is giving a bathroom a plain, solid concrete look. It looks great on Instagram and tells the world that you’re not too concerned about conventional bathroom designs.

Don’t worry about the cold concrete making your winter even more unbearably cold. You can use a faux poured concrete finish. It looks like real concrete minus the cold surface.

Vented Bathroom Skylights  

Vented Bathroom Skylights

Installing vented bathroom skylights is one of the most practical and economical bathroom-designing ideas that you can try.

With vented skylights, you’re not just improving the looks of your bathroom, you’re also making it more functional and economical.

Vented skylights let in more natural light to your bathroom. This lets you have a bathroom that’s bright and cheery. It helps reduce electricity consumption because you don’t need to use electrical lights during the day.

It also helps release excess moisture and improves ventilation in your bathroom. This is a great feature that can make hot and humid summer days more bearable.

Outdoor Feels  

Outdoor Feels

Among professionally-designed bathrooms, a trend that’s emerging is one that blurs the line between exterior and interior spaces.

Far from the traditional bathroom that’s intimate and secluded, bathrooms with outdoor feels try to establish a fluid connection between the bathroom and other exterior spaces. You now see doorless bathrooms directly connected to bedrooms.

You can go the extra mile and design a bathroom that feels one with nature. You can have a skylight that lets in natural light. It makes you feel as if you’re one with nature.

You can also add living plants that increase the outdoor vibes of your bathroom.

Start Your Bathroom Transformation Now  

Now that you have a list of innovative bathroom design ideas at hand, it’s time to start putting your bathroom designing skills at work.

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