12 Points to Consider Before Starting Your Bathroom Renovation

Bathrooms are integral parts of any home because of the feeling of relaxation that they provide to homeowners. After a busy day at work, a long and soothing bath can help ease the stress from our bodies.

This is why bathrooms should always look and feel relaxing and peaceful. If your bathroom already looks grimy and worn-out, a bathroom renovation is in order. Renovation services can also help update the style of your bathroom to something more current.

Before you engage an expert in bathroom renovation services, you need to consider some things to ensure the success of your home improvement project.


Setting a limit to how much you want to spend on your bathroom renovation cost can help you set boundaries on what you can and cannot do during the renovations.

Your allotted budget can also guide contractors on the type of work they will do and the fixtures and materials they can use on the project.


When speaking to a contractor, provide a timeline on when you want the renovations completed so your contractor can set aside time-consuming ideas. This can also help you keep the labour costs to a minimum because your contractor will be working on a timeline.

Work Sequence

Just like in any project, workflow is crucial to the success of your bathroom renovation project. The workflow can help guide you on which contractors you need first to avoid contacting contractors that are not yet required and avoid paying labour costs when they are not yet needed.

Managing the work sequence can help you avoid having too many people inside your home.

A workflow can also help you get a clear picture of how your bathroom renovation is shaping up. What’s great about this is that it allows you to adjust the design or the fixtures that you will use.

Structural Deficiencies

Old bathrooms develop weaknesses that you need to address before you start renovations. Have your contractor assess the structural integrity of your bathroom so you can include repairs in your budget and your workflow.

Structural deficiencies can damage your new fixtures and warrant untimely repairs that can bloat the cost of your bathroom renovation.

Bathroom Design and Functionality

Get in touch with an interior designer or a painter who can guide you in properly designing your bathroom. An amazing functional design can help you maximise the use of your newly-renovated bathroom.


Having the best contractors working with you can help bring your dream bathroom to life while staying within budget. Ensure that you use HIREtrades to get the best electricians, plumbers, and tilers to work on your renovations.

Plumbing Fixtures

Carefully planning the plumbing fixtures that you will use can help result in a cohesive bathroom design. Selecting the faucets, toilet and tub that you will use can also help you plan the layout of your bathroom and avoid overcrowding.

Cabinetry, Shelving, and Storage

Consult a carpenter so you can put in storage devices such as cabinets and shelves. Use HIREtrades to avail of expert carpentry services near you.

Walls and Flooring

Tile flooring costs make up the bulk of your budget, so hire a professional installer via HIREtrades. Choose tiles that can make your bathroom look roomier and relaxing.


Bathrooms should be bright without consuming too much electricity, which is why you need to include light installation cost in your budget. A professional installer can also help ensure that your lighting fixtures won’t cause accidental fires or electrocution.


Bathrooms can be humid, which can prevent you from relaxing and help promote mould and mildew. Make sure that your bathroom renovation includes an efficient ventilation system to keep your bathroom cool and comfortable.

Final cleaning

Bathroom renovations result in dirt and dust not just in the bathroom but in other areas of your home. Dust from tile installation and small debris from carpentry work will require thorough cleaning.

After your bathroom renovation, hire professional cleaners via HIREtrades so you can enjoy your new bathroom at the soonest time possible. Expert cleaners can help ensure that even the tiniest dirt left by the renovations gets completely removed from your home.

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