Above Counter Basins To Suit Every Need

Whether round or rectangular, above counter basins (also called vessel basins) are important sanitary fixtures that usually benefit bathrooms and ensuites. And the best part? They’re easy to install.

Home and hotel owners understand how above counter basins help to create a sophisticated ambience. With its unique and elegant functionality and design, this contemporary type provides a fancy experience to anyone who uses it.

Why do you need countertop basins when you can go for other types such as under-counter and wall basins?

Unlike other types, countertop basins do not require a complex plumbing installation. A ceramic above counter basin with one or no taphole can easily be installed which makes the process less of a hassle.

Bathroom counters also provide sufficient storage space for toiletries, towels and tissue papers, making it more functional.

Aesthetic-wise, basins under this type are perfect for modern and traditional bathroom designs. It brings out the stylish appeal in any bathroom setting and becomes a focal piece of the room.

How do you choose the best size for your above counter basins?

Low-level bathroom counters can take advantage from above counter basins. It helps to reach the standard height for a washbasin. High-level countertops, on another note, also work but for houses with kids, it wouldn’t be ideal.

That being said, it’s best to specify the size to make it more practical for use (for all ages) and give your bathroom the right design it deserves. How is it going to be used on a daily basis? Will it complement the overall appearance of the area? As a general rule, a 30-36 inch counter or flat shelf is enough to put your basin on.

Another factor is the bathroom size. Smaller ones are ideal for smaller bathrooms as space is a bit restricted.

What are your options when choosing the best above counter bathroom basins?

Someone who’s building a house and willing to go for a premium choice can have unlimited options. As the cost isn’t much of a burden, it’s easy to find what you prefer and hire a professional plumber to install it. However, you have to carefully know the purpose and relevance of your basin fixture preferences before deciding.

Factors such as, ‘Who are going to use the basin regularly?’ ‘How high or low should the counter be built?’ ‘In which countertop should the basin be placed on?’ ‘What style will work efficiently?’ should be considered to meet the needs of your house members (both kids and adults) and your property.

You’re going to use it daily so be sure to make a wise choice. Below are some popular styles of above counter basins to choose from:

Circular above counter bathroom basins

circular above counter basinPhoto Courtesy of UK Choice Shops via Pexels

Circular or round basins display a modernised appeal and a very sleek design. Placing it on a timber-made benchtop brings out the vintage look and feel of the fixture.

The shape may be too simple but the visual aspect it creates makes it one of a kind. It works perfectly in monochromatic-themed bathrooms, making it stand out above the rest of the plumbing fixtures installed.

Round basins can be partnered with a wall-mounted, angular tap to save space and exude an elegant approach. The unit may appear to be small but you can have the right size that allows you to wash your face and hands tidily.

Oval-shaped above counter bathroom basins

oval above counter basinPhoto Courtesy of Jean van der Meulen via Pexels

Oval vessel basins with no tapholes give out a more enormous style compared to round basins. They help to make a statement without losing the subtlety of the fixture. Oval basins come in different sizes and style on the edges depending on your needs and preference.

Standalone taps at the centre are used to instil a minimal appeal to the bathroom. The white, glossy finish of the basin adds to the delicate style it oozes. Using this variation makes it even more convenient as it keeps you from flooding the surrounding area with water.

Square above counter bathroom basins

square above counter basinPhoto Courtesy of Pixabay via Pexels

Square countertop basins are a common style ideal for any bathroom design (modern or traditional). Whether for domestic or commercial use, they can fit any style or size of the bathroom.

Unlike the above photo with standalone taps installed in the bathroom counter, the standard design tap on this one is attached to the basin itself. Not only does it give out a simple look but it also is usable for every member of the house.

Rectangular above counter bathroom basins

rectangular above counter basinPhoto Courtesy of Jean van der Meulen via Pexels

Rectangular countertop basins with softened edges ooze out a minimalist yet beautiful appearance. Having one installed in your bathroom is enough to fill the need of your daily routine (skin-care regimen, etc). Spilled water is not a problem because of its significant size.

Rectangular basins can be paired with a standard design tap attached to the back edge of the vessel. In some instance, the tap is placed on the side of the basin to make it look unique. But the choice will depend on the bathroom counter that you’re looking to use and the amount of space available.

Note: Choose the best tap that matches your preferred choice when buying a basin. Does the two complement in terms of function and design? Whether wall mounted or standalone basin taps, be sure to know the size and style to make it more comfortable to use on a daily basis. When in doubt, you can always consult a professional plumber to help you pick the right combination.

tap attached to the basinPhoto Courtesy of Victor Perez via Pexels

Spending a fortune can be less of a burden especially if you invest highly on your property. Make sure to finalise your options when looking for the best above basin basins for your bathroom. You can also make it custom-made to your lifestyle if you want. A qualified plumber can provide practical tips to help you arrive at the decision that suits your needs.

Featured Photo Courtesy of leemelina08 via Pixabay 

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