Bathroom Renovations To Suit Your Style

The bathroom is a good place to unwind. This is one of the main reasons many do bathroom renovations because they want to make it look like a luxury spa.

If not to make it look like a luxury spa, any bathroom design that is rejuvenating will do. Since bathroom design ideas are available in every means (e.g. magazine, internet, etc.), it wouldn’t take you long to find the design you wanted. If you need help, here are a few of the best bathroom design ideas that you can consider.

3 Design ideas for your bathroom renovations

1. Back-to-Basic Bathroom Design

Simplicity is often labeled as boring. This isn’t always the case as simplicity can also be unique and impressive. One proof of that is the back-to-basic bathroom design. This bathroom design idea is the best option for a small-sized bathroom, or if you are a fan of minimalist design.

This bathroom design idea is normally delivered with an open floor plan, single and natural colour palette, a small plant, and any accessories that are either made of glass or other natural materials (e.g. ceramic or marble).

  • Open floor plan

Having an open floor plan helps to make the small bathroom looks bigger. Since it has limited space, you need to plan carefully the placement of all the fixtures. On the example above, each fixture is properly aligned to each side leaving the space on the middle free for foot traffic.

Another way to do this is by choosing a corner sink and floating vanity with wall-mounted faucets. This will free more space for foot traffic.

  • The single and natural colour palette

White is a common choice because it conveys a positive connotation and a clean look. But don’t limit yourself with that colour, you can choose any colour palette as long as it is light like ocean blue or subtle pink.

If you are looking for more creative design, you can apply repetitive patterns or mosaic tiles/design. Large-sized patterns will also do the trick in making the bathroom look bigger.

  • Plants

Plants give a sense of life. In the bathroom, the plants to place must have a calming effect such as jasmine, mint, and lavender.

  • Accessories

Accessories aren’t a necessity for this bathroom design. But if you want to add some, you should remember that it must add function. For example, if you applied cream and white colour palette, you can choose any of the following accessories: patterned rugs, gold or metallic plumbing fixtures, pendant light fixture, and woven towel basket.

Basic Bathroom DesignPhoto Courtesy of shadowfirearts via Pixabay 

Mirrors are also a good addition because it makes the bathroom looks bigger.

Back-to-Basic design is good to consider for bathroom renovations because it is the easiest to achieve, budget-friendly and maintain a clean, flawless look.

2. Countryside Charm Bathroom Design

Elegant and inviting are how most homeowners describe the countryside bathroom design. You too may agree as this is one of the bathroom design ideas that can be furnished with a combination of wood, greenery, and vintage furnishing. A good example of this is the below picture:

countryside bathroom designPhoto Courtesy of John Hickey-Fry via flickr 

If vintage isn’t your ideal choice, you can always keep the traditional look of the countryside charm bathroom design.

countryside charm bathroom designPhoto Courtesy of Aaron Huber via Unsplash 

  • Floor Plan Layout Options

This is one of the best bathroom design ideas because it fits perfectly to any size of the bathroom. The key is to strategise the layout of the floor plan first before starting the bathroom renovations. The available layout options for this design are the column and symmetrical.

Building a column serves two purposes: dividing the section of the bathroom (per function) and a screen for the shower section. The latter is an advantage because it can keep the other side of the bathroom dry, keeping you safe from slipping-accidents.

While the symmetrical is a good option for couples or siblings sharing a bathroom. The symmetrical can give space the owners need without overcrowding the bathroom space.

  • Colour

The colour choice for this bathroom design is much flexible compared to other bathroom design ideas. You can choose light, monochromatic and a touch of wood colour.

  • Accessories

The accessories you can add to this bathroom design are items that have been repurposed, with industrial accents, antique and all natural. The small potted plant also counts as an accessory.

Modern pieces are also good to mix and match on this design as long as the colour and shape fit to the style you want to achieve. A good example of this is the below picture. The bathtub, faucets, and sinks have modern designs. But it still matches because the designer chose a white colour, and the shape complements with the size of the bathroom floor plan.

bathroom designPhoto Courtesy of NELbali Photography via Unsplash

3. Modern Bathroom Design

Looking at the modern bathroom design ideas, you may probably think that it has similarity to the back-to-basics design. This is true! Just like in back-to-basics design, the modern design may have a geometrical pattern, basic to a neutral colour palette and less decorative touches.

The only difference of modern bathroom design is the fixtures as it contains high-end features. Some of that features are the following:

    • Digital Shower is a feature that contains LED lights that changes automatically as you change the temperature of the water.
    • Voice-activated control is a smart home device feature that helps you control every smart devices on your bathroom without lifting a finger. Some of the aspects you can control are the lights and music.
  • Modern toilet is a feature that can automatically open and close the lid, with built-in light and air dryer.

modern bathroom designPhoto Courtesy of DarthZuzanka via Pixabay 

When it comes to colour, modern is not limited to basic to a neutral colour palette. You can also choose a vibrant colour mixed to a lighter colour. The picture above can give you an idea on how to apply this to your bathroom renovations.

vibrant bathroom designPhoto Courtesy of DarthZuzanka via Pixabay 

The good thing about bathroom renovations today, it can be done smoothly no matter how simple or luxurious your chosen bathroom design. All you need to do is find a trusted builder that can help you every process of the bathroom renovations.

Featured Photo Courtesy of Roberto Nickson via Unsplash

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