How Much it Cost to Waterproof a Bathroom?

Waterproofing your bathroom is crucial as it helps to keep structural damages from occurring. It’s a good thing to make it a priority if you plan to reinvigorate your bathroom and the waterproofing bathroom cost is relatively low.

As first-time renovators, it can be challenging to specify the number of expected expenses for materials and labour. But familiarising yourself with the waterproofing bathroom cost gives you the idea of how you will manage your finances. Before we get into that part, let’s see how these bathroom waterproofing details can cause price variations.

Factors That Affect The Waterproofing Bathroom Cost

Materials. The quality of waterproofing materials used by a qualified tradie or contractor can undoubtedly influence the overall cost. A few of these include a primer, membrane, water-based acrylic paint and bond breaker – all necessary to finish the waterproofing project.

Size. The bigger the room, the larger the quantity it requires to fill the entire area. Likewise, tackling multiple bathrooms would take long hours to complete the procedure.

State. Your location also affects how much your local tradie would charge you for the job. In Queensland, for instance, only those with licence permits can perform the waterproofing work for strict compliance. Installation. How the professionals do the process contributes to the overall waterproofing bathroom cost. This includes cleaning the area, painting the surface and waterproofing the bathroom walls and floors. Each step requires the use of a broom, paint stirrer and roller, spirit level and scraper.

Professional fees. Do they charge on an hourly basis or based on the complexity and size of the job? How long have they been professionally working as tilers and waterproofers? Do their previous (or current) clients recommend them for timely and quality work? These are just a few aspects to take into account when determining the entire waterproofing bathroom cost.

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What should you be waterproofing?

The Building Code of Australia has provided bathroom waterproofing details that property owners should be complying with.

  • Shower enclosure floors should be completely waterproofed
  • Shower walls up to 1.8 metres
  • Bathroom floors and walls made of wood
  • Bathroom walls up to 150mm
  • Areas prone to water exposure

Note: These requirements should be strictly followed, and it’s your sole responsibility to identify your other needs when it comes to bathroom waterproofing (toilet, tub, etc).

How much does bathroom waterproofing cost?

Having your bathroom floors and walls waterproofed can cost around $35 to $60 per square metre. However, some bathroom waterproofing contractors charge per hour. Based on the same reference site, average-sized bathroom waterproofing can range from $340 to $800+

So if you have two bathrooms around the house, doubling up that amount can be the approximate cost that you need to spend. However, these prices are subject to variation. Sole bathroom renovations can make the cost go higher, while a complete house renovation may allow for bulk discounts. It will depend on your agreement and negotiation with the contractor.

Though the figures can be a concrete basis for budgeting your waterproofing bathroom cost, it’s still important to validate the numbers from different businesses that provide this service. Going for the cheapest range can be fine, especially for smaller areas that demand waterproofing. But for larger (traffic) areas, high-end bathroom waterproofing details should be carefully considered.

Leave The Bathroom Waterproofing Details To A Pro

Doing the job yourself can have consequences so be sure to hire a professional bathroom tiler or waterproofer. Verify previous works to see if they are in compliance with Australian Standard AS 3740 (Waterproofing of Domestic Wet Areas). Professional waterproofers in other states provide a statement of compliance upon completion to ensure their adherence to the regulation.

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