How to install a bathtub?

Bathtub installations need not be an arduous task. Whether you’re tackling it yourself or getting an expert in, you really need to arm yourselves with the knowledge of how to install a bathtub.

Step 1: Check the type of bathtub to install

Bathtubs are not created equally. There are some bathtubs that are freestanding, and some needs a supporting frame. The latter is the standard design of a bathtub. If this is your chosen bathtub, you will need the following tools and materials in order to build a supporting frame.

Tools: a caulking gun, circular saw, combination square, dust mask, ear muffs, fibro-cement cutter, gloves, hammer, measuring tape, nail gun, pencil, safety glasses, shovel, spirit level, and wheelbarrow.

Materials: bathtub, brickies sand, framing timber, fibro cement sheeting, general purpose cement, and water.

Note: These are the typical materials used by licensed plumbers. This may still change depending on what is stated on the bathtub’s installation manual.

Step 2: Floor preparation

This is a basic and important step to take into account when arming yourself with the knowledge of how to install a bathtub. After gathering the tools and materials needed, you can start working on the bathtub’s supporting frame followed by the mortar bed. But if your chosen bathtub is a freestanding type, you just need to ensure that the floor can support the weight of the bathtub.

Most of the freestanding bathtubs are heavier compared to others. If this is the case, you will be required to build additional floor support. But don’t worry, the work required on building this support is not as heavy as with the standard design of a bathtub.

Also, you need to read and understand Australia’s bath regulations to ensure that the bathtub’s quality is compliant to its standard.

Tip: It’s recommended to add foam to the subfloor. This will help the bathtub to lessen the noise it produces when being used. Not only that, it will help it to be more secure. This is both applicable for freestanding and standard design bathtubs.

Step 3: Create a hole for the drain and overflow opening

Before creating a hole on the floor, you must ensure first that the measurements are accurate. If you are doubtful, seek assistance from a licensed plumber.

Step 4: Place the bathtub unit on the frame

You need to place the bathtub unit carefully within the supporting frame to prevent getting it damaged. For the freestanding design of the bathtub, you must ensure its balance as well. You can keep its balance by paralleling it with the floor using a levelling tool.

Step 5: Secure the bathtub flange

You can secure the bathtub flange to the wall studs through nailing. There are some flanges that don’t have holes on it. If this is what you purchased, you can secure it by nailing it from the outside.

Step 6: Connect it to the plumbing system

The plumbing system that needs to be connected to the bathtub includes the drain, water supply, waste and vent.

Step 7: Drain installation

Place the drain on its place using a plumber’s putty then press it. You can tighten it using needle-nose pliers. Once secured, you can put the cap on it.

Step 8: Fixture installation

The fixture includes the railings, water taps, and spouts.

Step 9: Test it

Lastly, the testing stage. Open the water supply valve then check the drain for leaks. If none, turn on the water taps for hot and cold water to see if it works perfectly.

Installing a bathtub can be done as a DIY project. But due to the plumbing works involved, it can be challenging. This is the reason it’s wise to learn the steps on how to install a bathtub to give you an idea of how to do it properly. But if you prefer more guaranteed quality work, you can always find a trusted plumber to help you.

Featured Photo Courtesy of ErikaWittlieb via Pixabay 

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