Small Bathroom Renovations For Apartments That Won’t Break The Bank

As much as every apartment owner loves to give their bathroom a new look, they can’t go all-out due to a limited budget. But don’t worry, this doesn’t necessarily mean that they can not have the bathroom design they wish to have. Nowadays, everyone can have small bathroom renovations under $5,000.

This budget can allow apartment owners to make cosmetic changes to their bathrooms and here are few ideas how you can stick to your small bathroom renovations budget.


Light plays an important role in every room in the apartment to make it bright and to set the right mood. For the bathroom, the ideal light to have is white and bright or anything close to the natural light. The conventional choice for a small bathroom is an incandescent bulb with a warm to cool shade of white.

If you want a much creative option, you can always choose from the variety of light fixtures types such as pendant lights, vanity lights, and downlights. This will certainly fit your small bathroom renovations’ budget because the cost of light fixtures range from $65 to $1,500. While for the installation cost, the average for standard installation cost ranges from $55 up to $77.50 per hour.


After bringing the right amount of light into the bathroom, the next thing to consider is the walls. There are several options on how to make the walls look luxurious without breaking your small bathroom renovations’ budget. But the two popular options are tiling and painting.

  • The tiles are popular options because it has high resistance to abrasions and water. The key to making your bathroom look big and higher is by choosing tiles with a light colour and small sizes. Some even choose different shaped tiles as well to add a 3D effect.

Tiles will never break your small bathroom renovations’ budget because they only usually cost $10 to $15 per square foot. You just need to add around $45 to $150 per hour for the tiler’s fee.

  • If you are into a much cheaper option, painting is the option for you. The factors that you need to look at carefully when choosing paint is the colour, type, and quality. Just like with tiles, the colour that you must choose should be light or vibrant.

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Since moulds are very common in the bathroom, you need to choose the correct type of paint that has a high resistance to it. Also, it needs to be easy to clean. The two ideal choices are with a high-gloss and matte finish.

Paint with high-gloss finish becomes advantageous against mould because it adds a much harder surface on the wall. This makes it difficult for mould to grow on. This is the most recommended paint type for the bathroom and can cost anywhere from $25 to $44 per litre.

Another type of paint is the matte finish. Typically, the paint with matte finish is not advisable for the bathroom because it absorbs moisture. But paint manufacturers have since upgraded this type of paint by making it highly resistant to moisture. The cost is much higher than those with a high-gloss finish, but with its proven efficiency, it’s a good investment.


One thing you should always remember is the walls and floors are always a team. This will give a seamless look for your bathroom. This is possible by using the same design, colour, or materials for both. Paint and tiles are also good options for the floor. Just take note that for tiles, don’t choose tiles that are too glossy for the flooring as this is can be slippery when wet.

Other flooring options are concrete. Concrete is a good option because it doesn’t need any additional polishing touches. You can leave it as it is or design it with rugs. This is the most ideal option for everyone who has a limited small bathroom renovations’ budget because it only cost $50 to $85 per square metre.


With small bathroom renovations projects, most of the budget will go to the fixtures. Just thinking about the price for each fixture probably makes you wonder if it is possible to have small bathroom renovations under $5,000 budget. All you need to do is prioritise the most important thing – replacing what needs to be replaced.

If you have a remaining budget, that’s the time you can add more fixtures that you see fit to your new bathroom’s look.

Some people often look at small bathroom renovations as a challenging and expensive task. But the truth is renovations can also be fun and budget-friendly. The key to this is careful planning. Find the budget that you want for your small bathroom renovations project and stick on it. The common apartment budget for small bathroom renovations is under $5,000. But for a larger-sized project, it can start at $10,000 and above.

Featured Photo Courtesy of midascode via Pixabay

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