What bathroom mirror cabinet to choose?

A renovation is one method to uplift the bathroom’s functionality and appearance. If you don’t have the time for a renovation, you can simply replace old fixtures like the bathroom mirror cabinet.

Not many pay attention to a bathroom mirror cabinet. But if you are living in an apartment with limited space, a bathroom mirror cabinet is handy as it serves two purposes – a source of light and is a reliable storage unit. If you are looking for one, you will never have a problem because there are a wide variety of choices.

Here are four popular options for bathroom mirror cabinets:

Popular bathroom mirror cabinet options to consider

Contemporary bathroom mirror cabinet

Contemporary bathroom mirror cabinetPhoto Courtesy of robertwaghorn via Pixabay

Everyone loves a classic design. For a bathroom mirror cabinet, the contemporary style is made from steel which is well-known for being durable. Aside from durability, it is one of the popular options because it is easy to clean, mould and is termite-free. It’s only a bonus that it has a lustrous look.

Modern bathroom mirror cabinet

Modern bathroom mirror cabinetPhoto Courtesy of banksy07 via Pixabay

The modern style bathroom mirror cabinet is either made from glass or aluminium. In terms of cleaning and durability, a modern bathroom mirror cabinet is the same with the contemporary style. The only difference, and is quite an advantage, is it is resistant to corrosion even exposed with too much moisture.

Wooden bathroom mirror cabinet

Wooden bathroom mirror cabinetPhoto Courtesy of Apartments Athens via Pexels

The wooden bathroom mirror cabinet is a great option for anyone who loves to embrace both worlds (modern and traditional). It comes with wide varieties of colours and styles that can be paired with almost every bathroom interior designs and décor.

The only disadvantage of a wooden bathroom mirror cabinet is it is susceptible to moisture. So, it needs more maintenance compared to the other two options.

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Bathroom wall cabinets with mirrors

If you find the bathroom mirror cabinet unappealing or it doesn’t fit your style, you can always choose bathroom wall cabinets with mirrors on it. This type of bathroom wall cabinet is still space-friendly even if the cabinet and mirrors are separated from each other.  A good example of this is below.

Bathroom wall cabinet with mirrorPhoto Courtesy of Creative Commons CC0 via Pxhere

These type of bathroom wall cabinets with mirrors can be made from wood, PVC or medium density fibreboard. Most of the designs for bathroom wall cabinets with mirrors are created for modern houses. But with its versatility, it can fit traditional home design as well. A good example of this is the below picture.

Wall cabinet with mirrorPhoto Courtesy of Chalon Handmade via flickr

What to consider when buying bathroom wall cabinets with mirrors?

After identifying the exact design of wall cabinets, you can start to go shopping! To ensure you will find the exact bathroom wall cabinet you want, here are the important factors that you must consider:

  • Size

Since the main purpose of choosing a wall cabinet is to conserve space, you need to measure first the size of your wall and distance from other fixtures and doors. This is to ensure to maintain the balance of the bathroom and will not hinder the door opening.

  • Feature

Features are what makes a product more useful. For bathroom wall cabinet, manufacturers improved it by including power outlets, lights, and magnifying mirrors. Now, everyone can do all their routines much faster because everything (almost) they need is placed in front of them.

  • Maintenance

The common maintenance bathroom wall cabinet require is cleaning. But if the wall cabinet you purchase posses’ electronic features, you must schedule regular maintenance for it to ensure its’ efficiency. Also, you can install a dust collector or an air dryer to avoid gathering too much dust.

Featured Photo Courtesy of Enrico Carcasci via Unsplash

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