3 Granny Flat Designs This Spring

A granny flat may seem to be just another luxury trend for others. But for homeowners who aim to maximise their property’s space, a granny flat is a great solution with ample granny flat designs to suit different needs.

When building a granny flat, your property must have a minimum land size of 450 square metres. This means that the granny flat will only have a size of no larger than 60 square metre. Due to its small size, some homeowners are having difficulty in choosing the best granny flat designs.

To make the decision-making easier, here are three ideas to complete your granny flat designs this spring!

Door Ideas

The door is the first thing people see in your house, so it’s ideal to design it with an inviting appeal. This will secure a good first impression on your guests.

The best way to design your granny flat door is by adding your style and spring-themed colours. If you are a fan of the modern style, you can choose a door with light colour paint. Since light colours have the tendency to look dull and boring, you must match it with other elements such as glass feature or a good pattern carved on the door. You can also paint the door’s frame border with pink or lavender to highlight the main entrance. A good example of this is the photo below.

door ideasPhoto Courtesy of Olko Kohut via Unsplash

You don’t necessarily need to buy a good-looking door just for your granny flat to look outstanding. You can use just any door and paint it with the colour you want. The spring-inspired colours that you can choose from are yellow, green, pink, sky blue and all shade of violet. A good example of this is the photo below.

door ideasPhoto Courtesy of Karla Caloca via Unsplash

Last on the list of door ideas for granny flat designs is the rustic style. Everyone loves the homey appeal of the rustic style. You can have this door ideas by choosing a door with ornamental knobs or design, then roughly paint it with white colour. A good example of this is the photo below.

door ideasPhoto Courtesy of Sedki Alimam via Unsplash

Granny Flat Floor Plan Layout Ideas

Floor plan layout is an important factor to consider when completing your granny flat designs. Mainly because this will determine the equal division of the space for foot traffic, furniture and accessories. There are two floor plan layouts that you can choose from: the open and closed layout.

The open layout is best fit for granny flats because this makes the space looks bigger. This is a great option if you have kids because you can easily keep an eye to them. Plus, it increases the natural light that entering the flat. A good example of this layout is the photo below.

Granny Flat Floor Plan Layout IdeasPhoto Courtesy of Giovanni_cg via Pixabay

An open floor plan may seem to be a perfect choice, but a closed layout has its advantages as well. The most important benefit is privacy. Privacy is a must to provide if you are planning to have your granny flat rented or serves as a guest room. Also, a closed layout can help you save money on energy bills since it is easier to cool and heat. A good example of this layout is the photo below.

Granny Flat Floor Plan Layout IdeasPhoto Courtesy of deborah cortelazzi via Unsplash

Furniture and Accessories Ideas

The granny flat designs wouldn’t be complete without furniture and accessories. First on the list is living room chairs. A Granny flat is a good place to relax. So, it’s a must to provide comfortable seating for your family or guests. There are three options:

  • Wingback Chair is a good option because it has a solid high back and angled sides for the armrest.

Wingback ChairPhoto Courtesy of Daniil Silantev via Unsplash

  • Padded Chair is advantageous to use for parties because it is comfortable, which is great for long chatting, at the same time portable.

Padded ChairPhoto Courtesy of Michael Browning via Unsplash

  • Rocking Chair is handy to have if your guest is an elderly relative or you just enjoy the calming benefits of it.

Rocking ChairPhoto Courtesy of Paul Hanaoka via Unsplash

Note: Always choose bold and light colours for the furniture that complement with spring.

Since granny flats have small space, you must choose accessories that are space-saver. One good example of this is the photo below. The coffee table is small but very functional as it also serves as a storage unit.

coffee tablePhoto Courtesy of Deborah Diem via Unsplash

If you want to bring the Spring feeling inside your granny flats, you can do it by adding a planter box. This is a space-saver because you can nail it on the wall or hang it from the ceiling. The good thing about this is you can do it yourself. So, you can create as many as you want without spending.

planter boxPhoto Courtesy of Federica Galli via Unsplash

The lighting fixture is an important element in the granny flat. Not only because it illuminates the room, but also serves as good decoration. The best light fixture that will complement your spring-themed granny flat designs is the pendant light fixture.

This is a great option because it comes in different shapes and styles. You can choose from a retro style to a rustic metal artwork.

lighting fixturePhoto Courtesy of Edan Cohen via Unsplash

lighting fixturePhoto Courtesy of Vinay Balraj via Unsplash

Featured Photo Courtesy of Skiathos Greece via Unsplash

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