6 Places to Spend Your 2018 Melbourne Cup Winnings On

With last year’s combined prize money at $6.2 million, it’s no surprise everyone wants to put a stake in this year’s 2018 Melbourne Cup.

As of writing, the 2018 Melbourne Cup is said to offer a total prize money pot of $7,050,000 with Yucatan as the bookies’ favourite to win this year’s Melbourne Cup at $9 (To Win; Beteasy). Winning any considerable amount should be enough to splash some cash on some home improvement.

Let us point you in the right direction and show you what home improvements you can carry out with your Melbourne Cup winnings:

1. Get A Pool That Makes A Statement

Nothing says you’re minted more than having a decent sized pool in your property. Whether inside or outside, a pool definitely is a stand out feature for any home. Depending on the layout of your home, you could consider different types of pools.

The Humble Indoor Pool

Whether for privacy reasons or not having much outdoor space, an indoor pool is a great idea to incorporate into your home. Good for couples, good for families or good for those who want to take a dip within closed doors.

indoor poolPhoto Courtesy of Pixabay via Pexels

The Bedroom Pool

Not for the feint hearted or those who are easily off balance, a bedroom pool definitely combines ying with yang. Definitely not a “need” and most definitely a “want”, a risky setup to have especially with all the electricals around. But you’ll win all the bragging rights by telling everyone that you have a pool in your bedroom!

Great idea….until you come home drunk

The Olympic Pool

If a pool is more than just a statement, get one made which can cater to your fitness needs. Swimming laps in an olympic sized pool is definitely the best start to any day and having this at your home oozes practicality!

olympic poolPhoto Courtesy of 12019 via Pixabay

2. Fulfill Your Car Matchbox Dreams

We’re pretty sure if you win big at the Melbourne Cup, one of the first things that you’ll replace is that Ford or Holden outside your house. But it might not stop there, fulfill your childhood dreams and store all your prized vehicles whilst making a statement at the same time.

Your Very Own Showroom

Every man’s dream is to have one of these as an extension to your home. Somewhere where you can wake up and walk to in your PJ’s but most importantly a place to admire your car collection. It does have its practical reasons too – keeps your prized possessions away from the elements and from preying eyes.

car showroomPhoto Courtesy of nir_design via Pixabay

Stack ‘Em Up

Or maybe you’re the type to keep things fairly industrial and show off your collection in a steel structure. Perfect if space is an issue and matched with today’s technology, you could summon the car you need with a few taps on your phone.

Stacked CarsPhoto Courtesy of David Lat via Free Images

3. Splash The Cash On Your Bathroom

Splashing the cash on a bathroom may not be up there among the first things to spend on when you’ve struck it lucky at the Melbourne Cup, but it might be the first place you go to once you get home from chugging down all that beer and wine!

Heat Sensitive Tiles

Put some bling bling into your shower time by adding some heat sensitive tiles. Why? Why not? Nothing says unique more than having your bathroom tiles change colour based on the water temperature!

Shower with heat sensitive tiles

“Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls”

Or in this case DO chase waterfalls! Not satisfied with the way the water comes out of a regular shower? Or do you always want to feel like you’re taking a shower from THAT scene from the movie Cocktail? Look no further…

Kohler Waterfall Shower

The “Shower 5000”

While we’re all living in 2018, this shower looks to be from 3018 – and at a hefty price tag it can be yours, whether you need it or not. A bit like a fancy washing machine, we expect something like this to dry every water particle from your body before leaving it (don’t quote us on that).

This shower was in a home I looked at today. Any idea what it is?

4. Make Yourself A Man Cave

Especially for those with children, a man cave is the perfect area to escape to and do all things that men would usually gather in a room to do. The likes of: Watching the footy, cricket or anything we beat England at, doing complimentary beer drinking activities such as playing the Foosball table and throwing some darts and of course a space dedicated for some PS4/Xbox or PC gaming action.

Sports Themed

Who needs to go to the local sports bar when you can have one at home, invite all your mates around and then jump into bed without having to drive home!

Awesome Man Cave… I prefer the Minnesota Vikings though!

Gaming Room

This is not so much about how the space is designed and built, but more about how it fits the purpose. Get yourself a decent TV, a comfy sofa, some cabinets to fit all your games and consoles, and away you go! Pro Tips: Get yourself a CCTV monitor hooked up in the gaming room so you can see what’s going on around the house, you don’t want the pizza to get burnt now do you?

There is a little gaming nerd inside me that want to have a room like this one.

5. Secret Agent Rooms

When you were a kid did you get excited when you turned your bedroom into a fortress using blankets and some bean bags? Re-live those moments as an adult with function and purpose.

If James Bond had a wine cellar…

… this would be it. Shaken and not stirred indeed. Release your inner wine fix and build yourself your very own wine sanctuary. It’s not just limited to wine, you can put any beverage in there and keep it away from your kids. Add a face unlock or footprint reader (we assume they have those nowadays?!) to enable the authorised to automatically slide open the door.

the ultimate wine cellar

Netflix and Chill Room

If wine isn’t your thing, this secret netflix and chill room is definitely something that’ll escape the elusive eyes of your parents or grandparents when they come over. Hidden below the innocent looking living room lies this secret chamber to get your netflix fix on.

6. Extend Your Fortunes To Your Pets & Animals

Spend your winnings not only for yourselves but also for the pets and animals in your lives. Make them feel special with these renovations.

Got Horses?

If you got lucky from the Melbourne Cup then you definitely owe the horse population some sort of gratitude for your winnings. If you already have some horses then make them feel head over heels by making them feel part of the home. Renovate their stables with style and luxury!

Epic Pet Homes

Whatever pets or animals you have at home, a little thought and innovation will definitely make them feel right at home. Of course these ideas aren’t available from your local Bunnings so you’d most likely need to custom make some of the ideas or purchase separate items and join them together.

For most of these ideas you’re most likely going to require a combination of the following: handymen, builders, electricians, painters, cleaners, plumbers, interior designers, interior decorators, bathroom renovators or carpenters.

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