7 Granny Flats Design Ideas for Inspiration

If you have always dreamed about finding ways to have extra room around your home, where you can live, or treat it as an investment, granny flats are the perfect solution.

Granny flats are becoming popular nowadays. They are fully self-contained home extensions that are built on the same land property as the main home. It is your “secondary dwelling”.

These humble granny flats are ways to add more living space to your home. It is a good option for a growing teenager or a relative who can live close by to take care of the grandkids.

Aside from that, granny flats can also be used to generate rental income. They are economical, easy to maintain, and add value to your property.

There are various options for adding granny flats to your property. You can hire a granny flats builder any time to do this task.

To hire a builder and build your granny flats is simple and easy. If you are interested to know more, read through this article and find some inspiring designs to start building your granny flats.

Here are some suggested Granny Flats styles and designs:

Cottage Style

Cottage Style

If you have a home that is more traditional and has a classic design, then having a cottage-style granny flat will fit perfectly as an additional dwelling place.

Cottage style granny flat makes excellent use of your space and environment. It is cosy and can come with a standard outdoor deck.

Enjoy having a quiet and relaxing time in this cottage-style granny flat. You can also add a verandah space as you read your book or watch the sunset across the horizon.

Add more plants and flowers around the cottage as you get in tune more with nature. This cottage-style idea fits perfectly in your home especially when you want to take a break after a long and tiring day.

Granny Flat With Pool

Granny Flat With Pool

Having a pool party but don’t have enough space to entertain guests? Why not try adding a granny flat near your pool space? Cool idea, right?

This granny flat is another great addition to your home especially when you regularly organise entertainment activities for your family.

The additional space is the epitome of an entertainer’s haven. Now, you will no longer have to worry about where to take your guests during parties or celebrations.

Design this granny flat with easy access to your household facility without disrupting your main house. Add a fully equipped kitchen to make party preparation easy.

Having an easy-access feature to the bathroom will make sure that your guests will not walk around your house with wet swimwear and feet.

You can also add a laundry area to dump wet towels after the party. It is worth having a granny flat when you have a pool area.

Country Cottage Style

Country Cottage Style

This is another amazing granny flat design that suits best in a bush setting. It features a rustic and natural design that exudes beauty yet simple and homey.

It can be a part of your home as accommodation for friends or family members visiting over the weekend. With its cool exterior design, you can relax even if the weather is hot.

You can design this granny flat with vintage materials or other wood materials like timber to create an outdoorsy and country-like ambiance.

The simplicity and charming design of this granny flat makes it a wonderful retreating area during the weekends or the summer season.

Modern Granny Flats

Modern Granny Flats

Looking for ways to improve your outdoor space with an amazing design and a “wow” factor? Why not add a granny flat to level-up that extra space?

Modern granny flats designs are becoming more popular nowadays because of its functionality. But aside from that, it also creates a modern and upgraded look in your property.

Because granny flats are versatile, you can design them any way you like. Place a stone benchtop with different kitchen appliances for a minimalist and clean interior.

You can also use neutral colour schemes clad with natural lights plus faux floorboards with marble or polished benchtops to add to its modern design.

Having this kind of granny flat will add value to your property and your guests will surely love coming over for a weekend get-together.

Coastal Style Granny Flat

Coastal Style Granny Flat

The coastal style granny flat is perfect for beachside home properties. But even if you are not living close to the ocean, you can still bring out that ocean-like feeling right into your outdoor space.

Enjoy a relaxing weekend by adding green hues and soft blue colours to your granny flat design. Place some natural stone and sand coloured fabrics that imitates an ocean breezy feeling.

If you want a more authentic coastal look, add some natural driftwood and some shells for decoration around your granny flat area.

And to top it off, use some wicker furniture and put a beach umbrella on the side to make it look as though you are on the beach every day.

Minimalist with Smooth Cladding

Minimalist with Smooth Cladding

There are many types of granny flat cladding options and you will be amazed at how beautiful it looks once they are done.

Smooth timber cladding provides a modern and clean style that makes it inviting in the eyes. Cover it up with landscaped gardens and it will turn into a fresh dwelling place fit for any type of individual.

Furthermore, it has a character and charming design that is durable and does not crack even in extreme weather conditions.

Vinyl cladding, on the other hand, is also an ideal design for granny flats. It offers insulation and an economic choice. Its thermal properties provide comfort for all kinds of seasons.

It keeps you warm during the winter season while providing a cooler feeling during summer. What’s more, vinyl cladding is easy to maintain, easy to install, and durable that can last a long time.

So, if you want to use this type of design, find the best cladding services to suit and create your unique granny flat design.

Home Office Space

Home Office Space

If you want a peaceful area that can be used as an office and living space at the same time, then going for a granny flat is suitable for this type of need.

Generally, a studio type space in your property can be transformed into a functional office space especially if you are working from home.

Add a bedroom with a built-in wardrobe to save space and another study space to serve as your home office. You may also put a patio where you can rest during your break time.

Stick to natural or white colours so you don’t get distracted and be focused while working. Loud or patterned designs tend to create a busy feeling. Hence, it is best to choose a simple design and colour.

Also, be sure to have ample natural light and a well-ventilated space to make sure that you are cool while working.

The versatility of any granny flats’ style and design allows homeowners to increase the value of their property.

Whether it is a cottage style, modern style, or any other design, it provides any home an extra functional space but with a “wow” factor!

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