Burglars Alert: Is your home attractive to intruders?

Like it or not, your home can be a target for intrusions. Ever wondered how burglars can gain access to your home with little to no effort?

According to Budget Direct Insurance’s 2017 report, there were 225,990 burglary incidents recorded in Australia. To make it worse, Australia had the 5th highest percentage of illegal invasions in 2015 as per the global survey. Stressful, isn’t it?

Losing all your cash, luxury items and treasured possessions in one blow can be financially and emotionally distressing, right? So for your property not to be part of that statistics, start pointing out some common (and not-so-obvious) entry points for burglars and map out strategies to deter them. By that you can give your assets and your kids a safe haven round-the-clock.

Read on to see what could be wrong around your home and how to deal with them one by one.

1. Unlocked & Dysfunctional Doors

What could be wrong:

Unlocked doors are one of burglars’ easy points of access. While the most common spot to secure is the front door, leaving the side and back entrances open also increases their chances of breaking into your home.

To add to that, old and weak door locks, handles and hinges contribute to making your house a target for robbery. With that in mind, it’s best to check all the mechanisms to ensure that they’re in perfect condition.

What should you consider:

Change your existing locks with more impact-resistant security devices such as deadbolts and smart locks. Not only do they offer greater protection against intrusions, but they also are easy and convenient to use.

Dealing with functionality issues such as adjusting the edge of the door and the frame and lubricating the hinges shouldn’t be overlooked. After all, what’s the use of doing lock upgrades if your doors are not as sturdy as they were when thieves attempt to smash them hard with tools? It’s always wise to hire a carpenter or a builder to burglar-proof your doors and do necessary fixes or installation.

2. Shabby & Slightly Open Windows

What could be wrong:

Another easy target is your first-floor windows. Some homeowners would leave them open for the purpose of keeping the room temperature comfortable.

In terms of structure, timber frames can get rotten overtime and aluminium ones become more susceptible to rust when exposed to leaks. Small cracks or holes can also lead to comprehensive structural problems.

What should you consider:

Regardless of the season, it’s safe to keep your windows closed to help safeguard your family along with your valuable items. If the windows won’t function properly, they might need little adjustments or the existing hardware requires replacement. Whether it’s an awning or double-hung window, make sure they’re not left in poor state.

Simply ask for professional assistance if your husband is not around and you’re busy looking after the kids. A reliable window repair expert can easily spot the issue and perform the required procedures such as weatherstripping or strengthening the sash support systems to resolve the problem.

3. Flawed Roof Tiles & Hatches

What could be wrong:

Your doors and windows might have been thoroughly guarded, but your roof can be a vulnerable point of entry too. Burglars can permeate through an unsecured roof hatch. They can effortlessly tamper on age-old handles and hinges if you’re not aware.

Robbers might also catch damaged roof tiles or bring high-class cutting tools to leave a hole in the roof and sneak in.

What should you consider:

It may be high time to inspect your roof system for signs of repairs or upgrades. Adding security features on the locking handle and replacing some defective mechanisms should also be a priority.

Hiring a roof repair specialist can help assess the roof’s condition and come up with tamper-proof solutions. You may also install motion sensor lights to alert you when someone tries to break in.

4. Leaking & Unsecured Chimneys

What could be wrong:

Like with other architectural structures, brick chimneys also acquire leaks which can weaken the structural integrity of the house. This problem invites more burglars to enter your home with no permission.

Likewise, one of the homeowners’ worst nightmares is to discover dismantled chimney stacks that give intruders full access to the attic or the main house.

Photo courtesy of Brian Robinson via flickr

What should you consider:

Scheduling a thorough inspection with a trusted chimney specialist provides a complete evaluation on its status. That way you will know if you need to pay attention to chimney repairs before the situation gets out of hand. Waterproofing the structure also helps to prevent potential leaks and other related issues.

Other pointers to keep in mind:

  • Install security alarm systems indoors and outdoors (your local electrician can assist you with the installation)
  • Keep all your expensive stuff out of sight
  • Turn on exterior lights when leaving the house or taking a vacation
  • Secure car locks and tools
  • Keep a list of police contacts to call when you suspect intrusions

One last thing…

Before you run the risk of losing your valuables and possibly getting your family harmed, take time to conduct a home inspection and don’t neglect the small details.

Make sure your hired tradie is police-checked, just to be sure that they aren’t accomplices. Be wary of who you hire and always ask for credentials. Make your home appealing and fully functional to your family, NOT to burglars!

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