Home Maintenance & Renovation This June

Spending most of your time indoors? Why not do a home revamp to keep you busy and stay productive?

Do your property a favour and read on the top jobs to get done around your home this June.

1. Declutter your gutter.


Unclogging your roof gutters from debris, leaves and snow heaps will protect your house from impending damage. Gutters work best at diverting liquid away from the structure. Stopping the steady flow of water from passing through the duct will cause leakage and much weight on the trough. Experts advise homeowners to conduct a comprehensive clean-up twice a year.

2. Do garden maintenance.

garden maintenance

Scraps and dead crops can easily pile up in your garden if left unchecked. Weeding and raking are two common methods to keep your garden beds thriving. Moving plants that won’t live long during the season is advisable. Pests that inflict disease are also a nuisance. Snails and slugs are most active during autumn and winter. Setting up a trap to remove them doesn’t only benefit your garden, but also provides health advantages to your family.

3. Check your hot water system.

hot water system

Monitoring your water heater’s performance is something not to overlook. Hot water systems produce a regulated temperature that brings comfort to homeowners. Having them checked for functional issues is important to help you survive the winter chill. Companies recommend an annual or bi-annual inspection to ensure your equipment’s durability and efficiency at the start of the season.

4. Conduct a thorough electrical inspection.

electrical inspection

Appliances like reverse cycle air conditioners may run the risk of failure without you knowing it. Checking your switchboards, electrical power points and smoke alarms is a must. Running a test for each device allows you to see frayed cords, dusty wires and brittle plugs that require repairs or replacement. Also, turning on the winter mode in your ceiling fan is a huge help in warming up the room’s ambience.

5. Attend to your doors and windows.

DoorsPhoto Courtesy of Pexels via Pixabay

Sealing the gaps around your doors and windows also tops the list to avoid air leaks. Leaving the job undone creates changes in the room’s temperature and impedes proper heat flow. For doors, check all the sides including the base part. You may visit a local hardware store to buy PVC door strips or storm-proof seals depending on the need. For windows, adhesive seals are effective. Before application, make sure to clean the surfaces to ensure that it sticks well.

6. Tidy up the windows.

WindowsPhoto Courtesy of StockSnap via Pixabay

Cleaning up the windows invites more natural light to heat up the room, keeping your family more comfortable all throughout the season. Make this a daily habit to put off the dust while ensuring your family’s wellbeing.

7. Redesign your home’s interior.

home interior

Tweaking your house’s current design to keep up with the season gives off a complementary look. Covering your walls, spreading out rugs and setting up warm lights can add greater comfort. Buying a new set of furnishing and furniture is optional. You can make certain additions if you have the extra budget. But if you’re only planning for a temporary set-up, you can use your existing belongings to achieve your desired outcome.

Best Home Improvements

home improvement

Now is the right time to draft a checklist of those things you want to upgrade as you get ready for the season. Repainting your interior walls can be a good idea. Using a colour palette that creates a unique pattern can freshen up your mood whenever you see it. Adding wallpapers that depict a dramatic effect is also an option if you want to give your bedroom a new look.

Some of the best home improvements include roof and pipe insulation, home theatre set-up, timber restoration, glass door installation and bathroom remodelling. Allocating a budget for repairs, maintenance and upgrades is important to prepare for unexpected spending. Sealing the gaps on your doors and windows also tops the list to avoid air leaks which can form cracks. Investing in storm windows is an essential consideration to guarantee your property’s security from the inside out. Getting help from expert designers and builders can make a huge difference in the work outcome. Not only can they assist you with planning, but they can also suggest ideas to safeguard your property.

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