10 Economic Tips for Awesome House Renovation

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Probably, the reason you are renovating is that you want your house to look stunning and feel more homey, right? Think of your house renovation plan as a typical business plan that you are starting from scratch. No structure, no designs, no layout, and no plan at all.

Hiring an architect can solve your problem since he can do it for you, but that will cost you a lot. If you want to save money, take charge of your renovation plan and do it using your knowledge and creative ideas. Check out this article as we share with you some great DIY ideas and insights on, house renovation on a tight budget.

Planning the process efficiently helps in staying within the budget during the renovation process. Divide your home renovation plan to sub-plans so you can see the details that you need to focus on and prioritise.

Good Planning is the Key

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An effective house renovation planning is the key to a successful renovation. Picture your house as a whole so you can see the integrations that you need to do to come up with harmonious designs and layout for your home.

If you hire an architect, he will be the one assessing the requirements and renovation needs. If you’re the one in charge, you can decide on the layout, designs, and everything. List your goals and objectives for each space in your house and come up with an overall plan so you can work on your budget next.

Budget Allocation

Setting your total expenditure limit is crucial if you want to renovate your house on a budget. Remember, it is better to underestimate your budget than overestimating it. Afterwards, make a research on the things that you will need for the house renovation. List them down first, including the price of each item.

Set your budget for construction and accessories. To keep track of your expenses, set your budget ceiling for proper money allocation. Have a budget breakdown so you can keep track of your expenditures on labour, decor, furniture, appliances, and other related elements for house renovation.

Labor and Construction – 40%

It is highly recommended to prioritise labour and buying the materials needed for the house renovation. Analyse the current market price of construction materials like cement blocks, wood planks, paint, and other materials.

Furniture – 30 %

Work on choosing the best furniture pieces for your home. If you want to stay on your budget, off the track furniture is the best option for you. However, don’t sacrifice the quality and durability of the furniture just because you’re on a budget. Check the warranty of the pieces to ensure its quality.

Appliances – 20%

You will never have a complete home without appliances. Before buying appliances and electronics, consider the product’s features first and the location you will place it at home. Consider the size of the appliance and the size of the space. Don’t buy large appliances if you have a compact kitchen because it can make your area look cramped and narrow.

Accessories – 10%

Add interesting pieces after your house renovation. It can be your last priority, but it gives a considerable impact in-house beautification. Whether you’re up for a minimalist or contemporary style, the key to a classic and beautiful home is embellishing it with a solid focal point.

Research… Research… Research

You’ll be surprised to know that there are numerous options for you once you begin your research. The beautiful side table that you like at a high-end store can be purchased at a lower price from a thrift store. When you are renovating your house economically, take advantage of thrift stores and online shops.

Mix and Blend of Paint Colors

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New paint is a must for house renovation projects. If you’re on a budget, opt for a white and black pallet. It doesn’t only give a classic look; it also gives your house a sophisticated modern look. You’ll never go wrong with white and black since they are neutral colours. You can easily match these colours to any theme.

Let Your Door Create an Impact

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Your door creates the first impression of your house. If you still have a functioning door, you can repaint it with the colour of your choice. The colour of your door affects the lighting of the room. If you have dark-coloured walls, use about 50% lighter shade on your ceiling and doors to reinforce lighting.

Use Mirrors to Make Rooms Look Larger

Small rooms don’t need to look small. If you are renovating to make your house look more prominent, you can quickly achieve it through inexpensive way by utilising mirrors. It is expensive, but it’s one of the most effective techniques in making space look more substantial and more prominent. No hype about it.

Kitchen Area and Storage

If you are under house renovation, then you should also maximise your storage. Maximise your kitchen for its storage capacity. To accomplish this while sticking to your budget, you can try DIY custom built cabinets made from recycled materials. Another option is to take advantage of the sale items in thrift shops near you.

Large Windows

It’s good if you will have an outdoor view while you are inside your home. When remodelling your house, it’s suggested to install large windows. If you can’t afford to change your windows, customise it using paint. Painting it a shade lighter than the rest of the house creates an impression of increased lighting through the windows.

Bathroom Makeover

bathroom makeover

Renovating your bathroom doesn’t require you to purchase expensive items to accomplish it. You will be surprised to discover that there’s a lot of cheaper things that you can get from thrift shops if you will spend time looking around.

Change the paint in your bathroom, including the paint on the cabinets. Install custom built cabinets for a more personalised look.

Floor Remodeling

Last but not the least in your house renovation is the flooring. If your budget is limited, and floor renovation might seem over your budget, find a flooring installation that will fit into your current budget. Make sure that it meets the overall design of the house, including the wall paints.

Ready for a House Renovation?

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A house renovation doesn’t mean you need to break the bank for it. There are fantastic ways of redecorating your home beautifully yet inexpensively. If you think you can’t handle it on your own, getting a house renovation service will be the next best option for you. Hire a service that will provide you with lowered cost, without sacrificing quality. Get ready to achieve the house of your dreams!