43 Awesome Renovation Ideas for Your Home

We found these awesome ideas and we want to share them with you.

1. Enjoy your view of nature as you dip in this cool Outdoor Tub

Forget about outdoor showers. Enjoy a relaxing soak with a wine glass in hand as you inhale the fresh air. The best part of this tub is that you can use it all year long, to keep warm in the winter or to cool off in the summer.

2. Add extra comfort to your living space with Trundle under the window seat

trundle bedPhoto from:

Make a reading nook or a guest room out of this trundle bed under the window seat. Treat your window seat like a little room with accent lighting fixtures. You can also convert it to a guest room by covering it with squishy pillows and beddings.

3. Bring back the old trends in your living room with a Conversation Pit

conversation pitPhoto from:

Feel the retro vibes of a lowered living room transformed into a conversation pit. This architectural feature will add some awesome style to any home while providing a unique spot for refreshment and relaxation.

4. Be practical and stylish with a Platform Flooring

platform flooringPhoto from:

If your house has a small space, then you wouldn’t go wrong with a raised platform. Create more space by stuffing your items under the floor, leaving no mess to see.

5. Revamp your attic for extra room for relaxation

house renovationPhoto from:

Kick your kiddos up in the attic for movie marathons. Or you can make that as your quiet zone for your personal relaxation needs.

6. Utilise Dead Space in a Bookcase

shelves under staircasePhoto from:

Shelves under staircase are the best tricks to use the area underneath the stairs. Probably, few of you have thought of transforming the space under your stairs as a working area, right? Well, not many people have figured it out. You can create an attractive and functional area in this under utilised zone.

7. Under Stairs Storage Area

stairs spacePhoto from:

Increase your storage capacity by converting under the stairs space into a storage area. You can store different items there to lessen the clutter in your home.

8. Under Stairs Book Nook

stairs book nookPhoto from:

Turn you underutilised storage space under stairs into a cosy reading area for you and the kids. The small space makes it an ideal reading nook for everyone to snuggle up and enjoy their favourite book in their very own quiet area.

9. Give Your Dog His Own Bedroom

dog bedroomPhoto from:

Give your dog his own zone. Just consider ventilation and room for you to clean up all those doggie odours!

10. And a Bathroom in the Garage

bathroom garagePhoto from:

This will make your dog clean and happy. Might also keep you away from the chiropractor.

11. Save Energy, Time, and the Environment

dishwashersPhoto from:

As one drawer washes, while the other loads. Washing dishes has never been this easy!

12. Fallout Shelters and Secret Hideaways Right through your Kitchen Island

kitchen islandPhoto from: |

This hideout has a lot of purposes. You can use it as a storm shelter or a just simply a hideaway zone that you and your family members only know.

13. House/Guest House by the Tree

tree guesthousePhoto from:

If you are thinking to transform your home into an actual treehouse for a change, then this idea will suit your creative imagination.

14. Garden Shed Turned Into a Stunning Artist’s Holy Space

garden shedPhoto from:

Are you a talented artist with no room to work at home? Well, make the most out of your humble garden shed by transforming it into an art and crafts studio.

15. Keep Those Bugs Away with an In-Wall Pest Control System

pest control system

Some forward thinking will make your pest extermination job easier, cheaper, and more comprehensive. Pre-installed pipes permit single injection points.

16. Under-Cabinet Drawers

under-cabinet drawersPhoto from: Pinterest

Look at creating space using kitchen and bedroom baseboard drawers.

17. Under Stair Hidden Room

under stairPhoto from: | Pinterest

Are you dreaming of a private hideaway? Turn your under stair dead zone into a useful nook by renovating it into a hidden room that is hardly noticeable by anyone.

18. Make Your Walls Magnetic

magnetic wallPhoto from:

Use magnetic panels that are strong and can be rearranged to suit your mood.

19. S-Shaped Seat for Shower

s-shaped shower seatPhoto from: Pinterest

Bring your shower relaxation to the next level with this S-Shaped shower seat.

20. Multi-Directional Steam Shower

multi-directional showerPhoto from: Pinterest

Take showering to the next level.

21. Hammock Net on Ceiling

giant hammockPhoto from:

Want to maximise your unused space? Hang a giant net on your ceiling and enjoy the skylight beauty!

22. Doorless Walk-in Showers

doorless showersPhoto courtesy of sarah iskandar22 via flickr

Add a no-door walk-in shower to your bathroom space. Make the whole room open! (But be prepared to mop up a bit more!)

23. Scrap Chutes in the Kitchen

trash chutePhoto from:

Reduce your cooking pains by installing chutes for food scraps. Make your kitchen more functional!

24. Bar on the Deck

wood barPhoto from: Pinterest

Want to feel the outdoor breeze while eating your favourite dish? It’s time to put a bar rail outside your home.

25. Above-Stair Playroom for Kids

above-stair playroomPhoto from:

Use that extra space above your stairs to give your kids a room for play. You can also add a wall of books to read!

26. Kitchen Island with Mini-Fridge

Kitchen Island with Mini-FridgePhoto Courtesy of David Cedrone via flickr

Build a secret place for drinks with this under-counter fridge. Your kids will find out for sure!

27. Pull-out Knife Block

Pull-out Knife BlockPhoto from:

Want to give your knives a hideout? This pull-out cabinet is the new norm. Add child locks for your kids’ safety!

28. Instant Counter Space for Kitchens

Instant Counter Space for KitchensPhoto from:

Looking for a way to maximise your kitchen space? Add an extra counter space with this movable cabinet.

29. Laundry Sink with Jets

Laundry Sink with JetsPhoto from:

Protect your delicate wears! Use your gentle hand-washing skills with a jetted sink in your laundry room.

30. Built-in Wine Rack on Slim Walls or in Kitchen Islands

 Built-in Wine Rack on Slim WallsPhoto from:

Use that space within the wall to build a wine rack that’s unnoticeable!

 Built-in Wine Rack in Kitchen IslandsPhoto from: Pinterest

Your kitchen island is also an option.

31. Baseboard Lights for Hallways

baseboard lightsPhoto from:

Don’t have enough windows? Adding step lights helps to guarantee your safety at home. LED lights are your option.

32. Baseboard Vacuums

baseboard vacuumsPhoto from:

Dustpans are no longer that popular. Sweep the dust off to a vacuum baseboard with no hassle!

33. Bunkroom for Kids

bunkroom for kidsPhoto from:

Give your kids a place for fun. Bunk beds are awesome features that you can incorporate into your home.

34. Hideaway Trundle Beds

hideaway trundle bedsPhoto from:

Thinking about maximising your living space? Welcome your guests with this hideaway trundle bed!

35. Accordion Doors and Windows

accordion doorsPhoto from:

Save some space by adding these dividers to your alfresco. Make sure they look stylish and functional!

36. Skylight Roof in Bedrooms

skylight roofPhoto from:

Want to upgrade your old ceiling? A sunroof allows you to enjoy the night sky, giving you the outer space feel in your bedroom.

37. Double-sided Fireplace

Double-sided FireplacePhoto from:

Give your dining space and living room a fair share of heat with this two-sided fireplace. Tap your local fireplace builder now!

38. Outdoor Curtains

Outdoor CurtainsPhoto from: Pinterest

Dress up your outdoor space with beautiful drapes and shades to make it look inviting. Give your friends an awesome outdoor experience!

39. Power Points on Mantles

outlet on fireplace mantlesPhoto from: Pinterest

Planning to put lighting decorations above your fireplace? Add a power point or two for your convenience. Don’t forget to ask for local council permit!

40. Lounge Platforms in Swimming Pools

lounge platform in poolPhoto from:

Don’t feel like swimming? Not a problem. Build a lounging platform in the pool and pull out a chair to relax. Get your feet wet at least!

41. Built-in Fireplace Seats

Built-in Fireplace SeatsPhoto from: Pinterest

Out with the window seat, in with the fireplace seat! Remodel your fireplace with seats on opposite sides to make the most out of your relaxation.

42. Indoor Balcony

Indoor BalconyPhoto from:

Ever dreamt of doing a fairytale scene within your house? Plan a home redesign without reservations.

43. Master Bedroom Balcony

Master Bedroom BalconyPhoto from: Pinterest

Extend a balcony across your master bedroom to give yourself a break and see the breathtaking sights outside.

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