Why Spring Is The Best Time To Do House Renovation

As the weather slowly shifts to warmer temperatures, homeowners are more motivated and energised to initiate house renovation projects.

Australia is known as the ‘Renovation Nation’ according to the Housing Industry Association. The latest research from data company Roy Morgan shows a continuous rise of renovation activities of Aussies in a span of three years.

Here are some practical reasons why Spring is a good time to do house renovation:

Spring Renovation is Safe and Cost-effective

Have you tried doing major home alterations in the colder months? Warm weather means low chances of rainfall and reduced accident rates. While excessive sun exposure can cause heat-related illnesses such as exhaustion, stroke and cramps to anyone including the tradie, warm temperatures allow you to freely work outside.

For instance, if you want to have your timber deck checked for minor repairs or you’re planning to do any outdoor extension projects such as adding a swimming pool in the backyard, winter is not the ideal time to accomplish these jobs. Since timber structures are sensitive to moisture, it can be safe and less expensive to achieve your goals if the climate condition is warmer.

Spring Renovation Makes the Job Completion Quicker

With the transition to longer days, completing a house renovation project can be done quickly. If you’re looking to repaint your external structure to increase its visual appeal, time won’t be a major problem as the sun becomes more visible and takes longer to stay during Spring.

Likewise, if your living space needs a significant revamp, you don’t have to spend much for accommodation costs since spring is set to bring warmer-than-average conditions in the coming months. If, for instance, you’re building a gazebo for planned leisure activities, professional builders and renovators are most likely to accommodate your request and can guarantee a faster turnaround.

Spring Renovation Prepares You for Summer

Planning a huge gathering in the lead up to Christmas can be best done in Spring. It may appear too early but house renovation jobs, especially the bigger ones, may take longer to finish. Expecting the best comes with a combination of large investments in time and money.

If you’re eyeing to own a beautifully built patio or outdoor kitchen for future BBQ parties in your home, it’s good to conceptualise a layout or design that meets your preference. Getting assistance from reliable designers and builders is also beneficial if you’re having a difficult time deciding what materials to use in every area of the structure.

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Spring Renovation Increases Your Property Value

There’s a popular belief that people tend to sell their properties during spring. Although it doesn’t happen in all cases, it’s good to carry out house renovations before you look for a potential home buyer.

If you have plans to buy a new house or build your dream home in the future, leaving your house completely clean and in good condition can make it more appealing to those who are showing interest in your existing property.

People want to have a properly managed and well-maintained house so it’s best to invest in enhancing your property to increase your chance of a successful home sale.

Best Areas to Renovate in Spring

According to home improvement website Houzz, 71 per cent of renovating businesses receive the highest number of projects relating to outdoor upgrades.

Improving the existing look of your pergola or gazebo is one way to make your home more attractive to your guests. If you haven’t built a few of these yet, it can help to find a reliable tradie to do the job.

Another idea to effectively maximise the use of your outdoor space is to conduct timber decking projects or build a simple yet elegant outdoor kitchen. Make sure they are easy to access and require low maintenance to make the experience hassle-free.

Take It One Day at a Time

Now that you’re set to invest in house renovation projects, it would be wiser to list down the specifics to guide you through the process. This includes the design, schedule, materials to use and the right builder to hire to help safeguard your investments.

Becoming aware of the advantages of doing house renovation in early Spring can help extend the life of your property and minimise your expenses. Not only does it bring satisfaction to homeowners like you but also help create investment opportunities in the future.

Featured Photo Courtesy of Fancycrave via Unsplash

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