Affordable Home Remodelling Ideas You Can Try

House renovations are a challenging task for any homeowner who wishes to improve or expand their homes.

It’s a huge investment in both time and money so you need to plan accordingly and make wise choices when renovating a home.

Usually, the most common challenge when house renovating is maximizing the budget for remodelling a house. After all, you need to consider the labour, materials, and the size of your room, among many others.

However, If you still plan to do home renovations to scale your home, it’s still possible to renovate on a budget. Below are some affordable house remodelling ideas you can try.  

Living Room Remodelling


Refresh Your Living Room With Paint

Refresh your living room with paint

One of the most cost-effective ways to renovate living rooms is by using paint. Whether it’s your walls, ceilings, or furniture, a splash of paint gives a new look or brings a better mood to a room.

When renovating a home with paint, choose a bright and inviting colour for your living space. If you have a dado rail, try to use contrasting colours above and below it.

Additionally, you can just paint one of your walls to create a focal point in your living room. It’s a stylish yet low-cost house remodelling idea that’s easy and quick to do.

Get creative with using paint to create the look you envision without spending more.

Revamp Your Old Furniture

Revamp Your Old Furniture

Living room renovations do not necessarily mean you need to tear down your walls or buy new furniture to improve your living space. Often, revamping old furniture will do the trick.

Revamping furniture is an inexpensive and eco-friendly option for renovating a home. Buy a loose cover for your chair or sofa, or paint your cabinets and tables to cover any scratches or damages.

Aso, even just varnishing wooden furniture will make it look brand new and visually-pleasing. So, don’t throw away furniture, especially if it’s still in good condition.

Create a living room makeover by reusing, recycling, or repainting furniture.

Install Downlights to Complete the Look  

Install Downlights to Complete the Look

Sometimes, the whole makeover of a living room depends if a room is well-lit. Indeed, lighting is a major factor most homeowners tend to forget when thinking of house remodelling ideas.

Lighting adds ambience to a living space, and downlights bring more light and mood when placed well in a room.

Take note that you must have the right ceiling to install downlights as you need to drill it in. You can opt to install the downlights yourself or hire an electrician who can safely install it for you.

Installing downlights is not only a cost-effective solution for living room renovations but also an energy-saving solution if you use LED downlights.

Kitchen Renovation


Change Cabinet Doors but Keep the Cabinet 

Change Cabinet Doors but Keep the Cabinet

When renovating a kitchen, you don’t have to replace your whole kitchen cabinet. If it’s in good condition, changing the doors is an efficient way to upgrade without the hefty price of remodelling a kitchen.

Most kitchen cabinets come with a standard size so you can find a cheap but good-looking cabinet door or drawer in no time.

Additionally, repainting cabinet doors or drawers is another cheap alternative to renovating the kitchen. Not only does it make your kitchen look new, but it also lifts the room’s mood depending on the colour you choose.

When it comes to kitchen renovations, remember to keep it simple and practical so you can save on costs.

Stencil Outdated Tiles

Stencil Outdated Tiles

When renovating kitchens, stencilling floor tiles is a fun project you can do to update and beautify old kitchen tiles. Moreover, it saves you a lot of costs from buying and installing new tiles.

However, you need to prepare a few materials and allot time and effort for a successful kitchen remodel of your tiles. The supplies you need are your stencil, brush, roller, and paint, among others.

Also, you need to know the right process of using a stencil on your tiles and be meticulous when painting so that your tiles last long.

If you don’t want to ruin your floor tiles or don’t have the time, you may also find kitchen renovators who do cheap kitchen remodelling.

Paint Old Wood Floor

Paint Old Wood Floor

Hard genuine wood adds its appeal to a room, but, when it comes to remodelling kitchen floorboards, painting over it is also a better way to revamp the old floor.

Moreover, painting over wooden floors can also extend the life of your floor. It’s a cost-efficient alternative to renovating kitchens that also has value in the long run.

Take note that preparations like sanding off the old finish and ensuring the paint will stick are vital for you to succeed. Know the proper way to paint them if you’re doing it yourself.

While it may cost your time and effort, painting over wooden floors significantly cuts down kitchen renovation costs especially on labour and material.

Remodelling Your Bathroom


Refinish Old Sink Instead of Replacing Them

Refinish Old Sink Instead of Replacing Them

Whether you have a porcelain, marble, or cast iron sink, refinishing your old sink is a cheaper alternative when renovating bathrooms.

This is also advisable for homes with custom sinks or bathroom sinks that are difficult to remove, as it is less expensive than to buy a new one.

While it’s possible to refinish your bathroom sink, asking the help of specialists makes the work faster and easier for you. Professional bathroom renovators also refinish pedestal sinks to match your bathroom’s interior.

Since refinishing costs less than buying and installing a brand new sink, hiring a sink refinishing expert when you renovate a bathroom will still be within your budget.

Replace Old Showerhead with a Modern One

Replace Old Showerhead with a Modern One

Changing your showerhead to a modern type is a simple and cost-effective way of renovating a bathroom and upgrading your quality of living.

Modern showerheads offer a stronger water pressure while reducing the amount of water you use. It’s not only a renovation bathroom idea that’s for aesthetics but also the functionality.

However, removing your old showerhead and installing the new one may be difficult and unsafe. To ensure proper removal and installation, consider hiring a bathroom renovations expert.

Since there are cheap shower heads with good quality available, you may be able to squeeze in installation costs in your budget.

Wall-Mount a Cabinet

Wall-Mount a Cabinet

Wall-mounted cabinets are a sleek and functional addition when renovating a bathroom. You can hide toiletries without taking up any floor space, and as a result, a bathroom looks more spacious and less cluttered.

Moreover, hanging cabinets only take a small part of your complete bathroom renovation cost. Buying a small cabinet generally costs less and installing your wall-mounted cabinet only takes a few hours for a renovations expert.

It’s also possible to cut on labour costs if you know how to install a wall-mounted cabinet. However, it’s always best to call a specialist as they know how to renovate a bathroom properly.


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