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Why should you pigeon-proof your roof?

How can you manage and control pests on your roof? What are the potential risks and damages caused by pigeons? Read on and be informed about the six effective pigeon-proofing solutions to prevent health problems and damages on your roof.

Dealing with pigeon problems can be a serious matter. The pesky animals are widespread and should be properly managed by seeking a licensed pest control operator and hiring a dependable builder to repair the roofing of the house.

Why should you pigeon-proof your roof?

Pigeons can be noisy and terribly messy. They like to nest in roof eaves and they produce an enormous amount of feces. For such a small animal, you’d be amazed at how big of a mess they can cause a house.

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  • To reduce property damage

Pigeon proofing your roof can help prevent damages caused by the highly destructive nature of pigeon droppings. Pigeon feces chips off roof paint, corrodes plastic, vinyl, wood, and even brickwork. It can seriously cause structural damage to your roof and its gutters. Pigeons also tend to accumulate twigs on the roof to form nests, which can be unsightly.

  • To prevent health risks

Pigeon droppings can cause many health problems through their droppings. They cause infection and diseases such as salmonella, encephalitis, and pigeon ornithosis. The foul odour of pigeon wastes can also attract parasites and bacteria.

What are effective pigeon-proofing solutions?

You can essentially prevent health risks and damages from happening if you deter pigeons from nesting and lingering on your roof. Here are various control techniques that may be effective in getting rid of these pests.

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You can pigeon proof your roof by asking your reliable builder to seal any gaps on your roof, to install mesh or wooden panels on your roof eaves, or to make extensive renovations.


Install a barely visible pigeon deterrent such as netting. It prevents pigeons from going into unwanted areas on your roof.


You can have some form of electrical shock device installed on your roof to prevent pigeons from roosting and nesting.


Removing nests regularly will help to prevent persistent pigeons from coming and staying on your roof.


This is a traditional but effective method of removing pigeons from your roof. Licensed pest control operators usually provide the poison that they can use as bait for the pigeons. Seeking the help of professionals is imperative because they would know the right dosage for the poisoned bait.


One way of preventing pigeons from roosting or nesting on your roof is by scaring these pests. There are a number of ways to scare them and these include the use of visual deterrents and audio repellents such as tape-recorded pigeon distress calls and firing of blank cartridges.


Do-it-yourself methods usually end up terribly. It is best to seek help from pest control experts. To pigeon proof your roof, you may also need the skills and expertise of a professional builder with a builder license. Professional tradies have extensive knowledge and experience using the methods that will fit your needs. They can ensure that your roof will be free from pests such as pigeons.

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