What are the key steps to building a house?

It’s everyone’s goal to build their dream house from the ground up, but when that time comes it may be overwhelming to know that it isn’t just a case of laying bricks down. To ensure that you will get the right knowledge, here are the key steps to building a house.

Pre-building Considerations

Before you jump in and start the main construction jobs, there are things that you need to complete first like the pre-build inspection. Every city has their own law and requirements when it comes to residential and commercial construction. To ensure that you are following the rules, you can consult a certifying authority and, get the necessary permits and approvals.

Once you received the necessary permits and approvals, you can finally start the whole construction process. The first on the list of steps to building a house is the preparation of the site.

Step 1: Preparation of the Site

The main goal of this step is to clear the construction area from all types of distractions. To do this properly, the builder must install fences with at least 1.8m height. This fence will ensure that no unauthorised personnel can disturb or interfere with the working area. The builder will also need to remove all vegetation, trees, and rubbish in the area.

Once everything is set up and clear from distractions, the builder can start with the excavation process and setting the place for the drainage and pipework.

Step 2: Laying the foundation

The foundation is the element of the house that can guarantee safety to the homeowners. So, make sure that your builder will construct this properly and that they use only the materials with the highest quality. Here are the jobs that your builder must perform:

  • The slab is a structural element that is common in every residential and commercial building. Concrete is the material used in slab construction because it provides thermal comfort and long-life expectancy. A little tip: Make sure to wait for a few days before the builder installs the frames.
  • The frames include the walls and roof trusses. This is an exciting phase because you will able to see that your house is starting to form the skeleton figure of your house. These jobs usually last for 4 days (2 for walls and 2 for the roof trusses).

Step 3: Taking Shape

Builders will shape your house by filling the house with exterior construction materials such as completing brickwork and roof tiling. Also, they will install some of the most important systems to make your house comfortable to stay in. These works include the following, in order:

  • Installing all the necessary wiring (electrical and plumbing).
  • Installing the insulation to the ceilings and walls.
  • Applying heat resistant plaster. It’s best to start with the lining on the ceilings and walls.
  • Installing all jambs (door and windows) and skirting boards

Step 4: Waterproofing

Waterproofing is one of the most important steps to building a house because this will prevent the growth of moulds in the wet-prone areas of the house.

Step 5: Lock Up

The next steps to building a house is literally locking up the house for protection from intruders and natural weather elements. This process includes the installation of doors and windows, adding a building wrap, clad roof, gutters and completing the walls job.

Step 6: Internal Fixtures

This is the step to building a house that will look like the house you always dream to have. Most of the jobs that builders will perform during this step include the following, in order:

  • All the carpentry jobs – cabinets, countertops, drawers and more.
  • All the tiling jobs – floor and walls.
  • Installation of all fixtures that connect with the plumbing wiring and pipes. Plumbing is the common household problem. To ensure you will never experience this, you need to ensure the proper installation of each fixture.

Step 7: Post Build Inspection

In this step to building a house, you can expect that every job you and the builder agreed upon is completed. And this inspection can prove whether it is done properly or not. It’s best for you to keep a sharp eye as well to make sure the inspector and builder will never miss out anything important.

A little tip: Creating a list will help you to easily check or cross out the jobs that the builders need to work on again.

Step 8: Goal Achieved!

When you reach this step to building a house, congratulations! You now can enjoy your dream house.

House construction isn’t the easiest task to do and experience. But with the right help and thorough planning, everything can run as smoothly and stress-free as possible.  

The advice that most builders give to every homeowner is, always monitor the progress of the construction. This is to ensure that every job that the builder will perform is in accordance with your agreement and follow the correct procedures (job requirement and safety procedures).

Featured Photo Courtesy of Capri23auto via Pixabay

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