What is the cost to build a house this Spring 2018?

The advantage of building your own house is customisation. You can get the exact look and design you want for your dream house. But just like with most homeowners, you’re probably asking the question ‘How much does it cost to build a house?’

There are several deciding factors to answer the question: location, type of house, number of levels, material costs, and other fees.

Type of houses

In Australia, there are numerous types of houses and it ranges from post-war to modern-day homes. But the three popular choices are described below:

  • The contemporary style was defined from the year 1960 up to the present time. So, it is acceptable to mix some historical and modern elements as decorations. The contemporary style commonly has an open floor plan and built tall accompanied with any of these designs: eccentric-shaped windows, asymmetrical fronts or covers, and bold geometric shapes.
  • The Federation style has been a common architectural design in America, Britain, and France; and was defined between 1890 to 1915. But when it adapted here in Australia, builders decided to put an Aussie touch on the design by suiting it to the lifestyle of people living in subtropical weather. The design of federation style is built with dominant roofline, chimneys, leadlight windows and verandahs.
  • The Californian bungalow may be originated in America, but Australians embraced this home-style since the 1920s. This becomes a popular option because it is low, solid and freestanding. The design of Californian bungalow is with thick columns to hold the front veranda, dark brickwork with a mix of roughcast render for its façade and low-sloped tiled roof.

After determining the type of house you want to build, you can now canvass for its construction cost based on your location. A little tip: For you to get an accurate pricing, you need to know the exact lot size of your property per square metre.


Every city in Australia has their own rating list of taxes, construction cost, builder’s fees, and insurances. This is the reason it’s important for you to start your research on your location. This will guide and save you from overspending. The table below will show you the comparison of cost to build a house for single and double-storey family houses per location, according to Riders Digest 2018.

cost to build a house

The cost to build a four-bedroom house may range between $202,000 to $226,000. Unlike with the cost of a three-bedroom house, this pricing rates include all the additional features like the one mentioned above. The cost to build a house with three-bedrooms may range between $160,000 to $195,000. Please note that the minimum pricing rate doesn’t include the following features: driveway, gardening, patio area, fencing and more. If you want to include the above features, you can add $20,000 or go with the maximum rates.

Note: The cost listed above are not fixed. It may change due to sudden changes in specifications, requirements, and weather and site condition.

Material Cost

The materials always depends on the overall size of the job – wall, exterior and interior wall, etc. Not to mention, you need to consider the brand and type of materials you are about to use. To save money, you can always wait for a sale or seasonal discounts offered by the stores. If they don’t offer any discounts, you can ask your builders for suggestions or if they offer a package inclusion on their services.

Other Fees

Other common fees included are labour and equipment fees. For labour fees, this will vary on the specialisation of the tradie. The following are the estimated cost of tradie per job and hour in Australia:

  • Land Surveyors: $140 (New South Wales), $150 (Western Territory), $165 (Victoria) and $250 to $700 (Other Territories)
  • Carpenter: $45 to $60 but may change depending on the job complexity.
  • Excavation tradie: $80 (South Australia), $95 (New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria) and $100 (ACT). There will be an additional $1,400 for clearing jobs (fence, brick walls, etc.)
  • Roofer: $8 to $500 per square metre – This will depend on the materials you used (concrete, steel, terracotta, etc.)

There are some people who thought that the overall cost to build a house is mainly based on the luxurious design of it. But the truth is, all the cost is spent equally to ensure you will get your dream house with the highest quality (work, materials, and foundation).

Featured Photo Courtesy of stevepb via Pixabay

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