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7 Cabinet Ideas For Every Room In The House

Whether in the kitchen, bathroom or bedroom, cabinets play a major role in providing ample storage space.

Efficiency is one aspect to prioritise when it comes to the selection process. You may have the most extravagant and beautiful looking cabinetry but in most cases, functionality trumps aesthetics. Whether you’re giving your property a new set of cabinets or filling your newly built house with sophisticated storage lockers, it’s best to have a guide which tells you where to spend your hand-earned cash.

It will do no harm if you consider some aspects when choosing the best cabinet feature for every area around your house. So here’s something to ponder as you make your decision:

  • Purpose of use. Where and how are you going to mount or display it? For instance, it’s not appropriate to place a filing cabinet in the kitchen (although others might do so).


  • Home’s interior. What is your entire home’s colour scheme? Whether standard or custom-made, it’s good to choose a tint or shade that jives with the room’s wall colour or other features.


  • Size and style. What size can that room accommodate given the space available? Your home’s spatial aspect affects your buying choice. Be sure to know the measurement of your ceiling. You must also identify the corresponding width and length as well as the correct style that fits that room.


  • Cost. How much money are you going to allot for cabinetry? Spending isn’t much of a concern if it’s within your budget range. But if you have other things to settle, you may simply go for cabinet refacing or affordable products without compromising quality, of course.

These factors will determine how you decide on the perfect cabinet to buy or whether you should choose to customise. Now here are some cabinet ideas that you can refer to as you pick the right combination (style, colour and size).

1. Shaker style cabinets – best for the kitchen

shaker cabinet

Photo Courtesy of shadowfirearts via Pixabay

Mostly used in kitchens because of its simple and reliable features. Shaker cabinets are commonly built to have a five-piece door and specifically designed to have multiple storage spaces. In terms of aesthetics, this type of cabinet appears to have clean-patterned lines that complement traditional hardware (countertops, appliances, etc) and modern kitchen designs.

2. Floating cabinets – best for the kitchen or bedroom

This one’s ideal for kitchens or bedrooms. Whether high gloss or textured cabinets, it doesn’t matter. Floating cabinets allow you to maximise the space above the floor. This type becomes more accessible to house members with back or neck problems. Useful and elderly-friendly, right?

3. Pull-out cabinets – best for the kitchen

Also serves as drawer organisers. Kitchens mostly benefit from pull-out cabinets. They are effective in storing all your kitchen utensils and cooking pots that fit into it. Homeowners can take advantage of this functional and accessible cabinet feature, which becomes a go-to spot for most kitchenware.

A pull-out cupboard with integrated bins is also a good addition. It helps to limit the clutter around the kitchen and make it more appealing. Throwing away food scraps wouldn’t be a burden anymore.

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4. Storage towers – best for the bathroom

storage tower

Photo Courtesy of JamesDeMers via Pixabay

Slim, vertical cabinets on top of bathroom counters can give a unique and contemporary appeal in any type (traditional, modern, etc). Storage towers on a bathroom vanity also provide a space-saving solution for small bathrooms.

5. Multi-functional Wardrobe – best for the bedroom or guestroom

Built-in drawers and mirrors fully maximise the use of one’s bedroom’s space. Multi-functional cabinets are usually freestanding and cover a fair amount of space in a room. It can either be placed in a guest room or your own private space to help you organise your belongings (clothes, bags, accessories, etc) in one arsenal.

6. Built-in storage walls – best for the bedroom

Instead of letting your headboard lean directly against the wall, why not make the cabinets as your wall? Storage walls are purposeful in their own way. You can place any personal items such as books, documents, or your own collection.

If you have a lot to showcase, you can also opt for unconcealed walls. That is if you prefer to make it as an added display in your room.

7. Open cabinets – best for the kitchen

Open shelves are also an option if you want to make your beautiful sets of crockery visible. Don’t forget to be creative and arrange each item evenly. Having it installed adds to the overall design of your interior and helps to make the most out of your space.

Cabinets are great mood setters in any given room. Be practical when choosing the best idea for your house. Consider both the functionality and design aspects to help improve your lifestyle and take your property to the next level.

Make a list of your preferred choice and let your professional cabinet-maker do the job with ease and creativity.

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