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6 Custom Built Cabinet Ideas for Your Kitchen

Are you currently remodeling your kitchen? Your first option would be to go to the nearest store in town to look for ready-made cabinets. However, your options are limited in terms of your preferred style and design. Getting a custom built cabinet ensures that it will fit your taste and lifestyle.

Cabinets are the focal point of your kitchen and they should be built to last with a design that would represent your lifestyle. Check out these custom built cabinet ideas to create a right fit and look for your home.

Designing Custom Built Cabinets

When deciding to avail custom built cabinets, it’s never enough to replace the existing cabinets. Instead, think of all the activities that you do daily in your kitchen. What do you usually cook? Where do you keep your kitchenware? These questions help you in coming up with the right design for your kitchen.

Remember, your cabinet design should provide maximum efficiency and organisation in your kitchen more than the aesthetic aspect.

So without further ado, here are a number of great ideas for your custom built cabinets.

1. Patterned-Mesh Cabinets

Most people go for a timeless look kitchen with classic white walls and counters. However, it can look dull and boring. To spice up your kitchen, add some patterned-mesh cabinet inserts. Show off your cutlery and china with diamond-shaped patterned cabinets. It adds a unique accent to your kitchen.

This is the perfect design to go for if you want to display your beautiful glassware, silverware, and cookery. It usually blends with different kitchen layouts, may it be contemporary, vintage, or modern.

2. Floating Shelves

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Clean lines and designs define modern kitchens. One way to achieve it is to add floating custom built cabinets to replace the typical kitchen cabinets that look like a plain box with a door.

Floating shelves emphasises the modern look of a kitchen and often placed on the upper part of the wall. You can store some of your appliances and utensils in a lovely arrangement on your floating shelves.

For added value, you can add a shiny tiled backsplash. This can create a good combination with the floating cabinets. The only concern with floating shelves is that it’s not hidden storage. Despite this, it still enhances your kitchen space.

3. Steel Cabinets

If you are aiming for a modernised feel in your kitchen, you’ll never go wrong with a steel custom built cabinet. Stainless steel cabinets are not only known for their durability, but for versatility to meet the requirements of their environment.

Free-standing cabinets are the most versatile in the group. They are mostly used for storage purposes not only in the kitchen but also in other parts of the house. They can be grouped with other cabinets, or you can just let it stand alone.

Space is a common problem in the kitchen. If you want to experience maximum storage experience, go for wall mounted steel cabinets. You can benefit from maximum storage capacity without affecting your floor space.

4. Glass Door Custom Cabinets

If you are more fascinated with an elegant-looking kitchen, then a glass door custom built cabinet should top your list. Enjoy a kitchen with a new look with open glass door cabinets. You can use it for storing your china collection and antiques. It protects these valuables from dust and poor handling.

5. Shelved Custom Built Cabinets

Nothing beats the pleasure of staying home. You can enhance this ambiance by placing custom shelved cabinets in your kitchen. You can make it a divider between your dining and kitchen. Place your kitchen utensils in it. Putting some books is also a good idea for a more homey feel.

6. Wooden-Fenced Custom Cabinets

Dreaming of a farmhouse-inspired kitchen? Try mounting wooden-fenced custom built cabinets in your kitchen. This type of cabinet design enhance your kitchen and adds value to your home. The best thing about it is that you can choose any wood in making it. It’s not only functional but artistic as well.

Tips on Finding the Right Design and Style of Custom Built Cabinet

Aside from being aesthetically attractive, your custom kitchen cabinets should be functional and efficient. Your kitchen cabinets serve as the focal point of your kitchen, so it’s recommended to make wise decisions in choosing the right design and built.

Here are few tips on finding the right design:

Tip#1 Consider your style

What kind of theme do you prefer? What kind of art are you drawn to the most? What colour combination do you like the most? Once you have decided your style, your custom built cabinet service can incorporate it in the design of the cabinet.

Tip #2 Research for Ideas

The internet offers a vast amount of information about almost everything. Check out home design websites or blogs to get helpful ideas and insights. Bookmark them and narrow down your choice by choosing the top 3 designs.

Thinking of a Custom Built Cabinet?

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If you are planning to have your kitchen remodeled, the first smart step to take is to find a reputable custom built cabinet provider that you can trust. Ask them good questions about their experience in the industry and seek references. Make decisions on best value as the lowest price is not always the best.

Finding a custom built cabinet provider is now easy with HIREtrades. Hopefully, these insights can better prepare you for finding one of our best tradies that will surely build the custom cabinet to your liking and within your budget.

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